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Get a Good Deal with Penny Bail Bonds in Los Angeles


Everyone is always looking for a good deal. While it’s true that many people will simply make grocery purchases without shopping around, that does not always apply to larger purchases. Whenever someone is making a big purchase, or spending a lot of money, they always do some shopping around to find the best deal available. This is even true for bailing someone out of jail. People shop for the bail agent that will give them the best deal.

Here at Penny Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, we are able to offer qualified clients a 20% discount on the price of the bail bond. Qualifying for the discount is extremely easy. All we need to offer a client the discounts, is to have a co-signer for the bail bond to be a homeowner, have a private attorney, or be member of a union, the military, or AARP. That’s all it takes. So long as one of the co-signers meets one of those requirements, the bail bond will cost 20% less. This is just one of the ways we help reduce the cost of bail bonds.

We can also help reduce the initial cost of the bail bond by allowing clients to pay for it with a payment plan. This helps reduce the upfront cost of the bail bond, and make each subsequent payment more affordable. We work with all of our clients to create personalized payment plans that fit into their monthly budgets. This way, all of our clients will be able to afford to bail out their friends and family members.

If you need to bail a loved one out of jail, and are looking for a deal, contact Penny Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. We will provide you with a cheap and affordable bail bond. This way, you will be able to rescue your loved one from jail and still get a good deal.

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How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost in California?


Are you looking to bail a friend or family member out of jail, but are worried about the cost? Do not fret, San Bernardino Bail Bond Store can help you out. We have been making bail bonds cheap and affordable for Californians for the last 30 years.

In California, all bail bonds start out as 10% of the person’s bail. This means that if your loved one’s bail is set at $10,000, his or her bail bond will only cost $1,000. This is the standard price set by the state of California, however, some bail bond companies can offer you a discount.

At San Bernardino Bail Bond Store, we are able to offer qualified clients a 20% discount on the price of the bail bond. What this means is, instead of paying 10% of the bail, you only pay 8%. If we use the same bail from before, the new price of the bail bond would be $800 with this discount. To qualify for this discount, you must be one of the following:

  • A union member
  • A member of the military
  • A member of AARP
  • A homeowner
  • Have a private attorney

If you meet one of those requirements, then we can give you the discount.

On top of that discount, all of our clients can pay their bail bond off with a personalized payment plan. At San Bernardino Bail Bond Store, we know that no 2 people are alike, which means we should not expect 2 individuals to pay off their bail bond in the same way. That is why our bail agents will work with you to create a customized payment plan.

If you are looking for an affordable bail bond, then come to San Bernardino Bail Bond Store.

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Everyday Is Important. Bail Out Today.


As a new parent, you probably learned that being there for your child as they grow up is absolutely critical to how they develop and the person they become. Even being absent momentarily can leave a little bit of an unwanted mark. Being around for your child’s everyday routines is just as important as being there for major holidays, their birthdays, their dance recitals and sports games. You should never make your child miss you and think that you don’t love them.

Getting serious… we’re talking about jail. Obviously you should never let commit a crime and get arrested. But not everyone is perfect and some parents do end up in jail. And if this is you or someone you know, do your absolute best to bail out of jail as quickly as possible so that your young child might not even realize that you’ve been missing abnormally long.

San Bernardino Bail Bond Store is readily available to help you and your loved one bail out of jail; we’re here to help you reunite with your family. We offer affordable bail bonds with customizable payment plans to fit your financial situation.

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Three Rights For Many Doors


When you were younger and watching all those cool crime shows on TV, you probably got scared out of your mind that if you ever got arrested, your life would be over, as you know it, that there would be no getting out of jail, no repairing of broken relationships, and no one to be with you through the process. It’s not entirely false, but it’s also not entirely true.

Obviously, each defendant is going to have a different story, a different process, a different outcome. But at the same time, each defendant is going to have certain rights for protection.

    1. The right to remain silent.
    2. The right to an attorney.
    3. The right to bail.

These three rights are for the defendant to utilize to their advantage. They don’t have to answer all questions. They can have a professional attorney advise and represent them. They can hire a bail bondsman to help them bail out of jail so they can return to live at home. These are only three rights that open more doors to better chances for the defendant, especially that third one, the right to bail. They can return to live at home, be surrounded by supportive friends and family members, return to work, and put on a good face in the midst of a struggle. This gives them the chance to fix their broken name and image and show to others that their arrest was one minor mistake that won’t happen again, one that they are going to handle with maturity and responsibility.

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Why Is Bail So Darn Expensive?

Bail is so darn expensive because it acts as an incentive for the defendant to comply with all of his or her release terms and conditions; including showing up to court as scheduled. If the defendant honors this agreement, he or she will receive his or her bail money back. If the bail is a large amount, then you can understand that the defendant will be way more inclined to honor the agreement than if the bail was only $50. The bail amount is not just a random number that the judge decides. There are factors in each case that the judge must consider:

  • The defendant’s relationship with others within the community. If the defendant has close ties and relationships with others, they are less likely to flee. These friends and family members will most likely know the defendants whereabouts.
  • The severity of the crime. The more serious the crime, the more expensive the bail. Bail for drug possession will be greater than bail for vandalism.
  • The defendant’s criminal history. If the defendant is a repeat offender of the law, his or her bail will go up. If this is his or her first offense, the judge will be more forgiving.
  • The bail schedule. The judge generally follows a bail schedule, a document that outlines general bail amounts for every crime within the county. This bail schedule is reviewed annually.

Some people can afford cash bail, but they may not choose to go this route of jail release. They may opt to join the majority of the population to use a bail bond to get out of jail. This method of bail is easier on finances and budgeting, since it costs only 10% of the full bail amount and can be paid off on a payment plan. The main difference here is that the 10% is not refundable like a cash bail is. Nonetheless, bail bonds are flexible, affordable, and for most people, the faster way of bailing out of jail. This is why so many people approach San Bernardino Bail Bond Store for professional bail help.

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Bail Amount is X Amount of Dollars, but Feels like $0

The literal price for a bail bond will eventually become priceless. A bail bond will cost you 10% of the full bail amount, and the full bail amount is determined by the judge who evaluates the defendant’s crime, relationships in the community, and past criminal history. So if the judge sets the bail at $50,000, the bail bond will only be $5,000.

For most people, that is still a lot of money to pay with cash, check, or credit card. However, knowing that your loved one’s reputation and freedom is at stake, that $5,000 is nothing. Not only are you guaranteeing his or her freedom, you are also giving the opportunity to return to work, to be with supportive friends and family, and to have as normal of a life as possible. Jail is not a place where anyone wants to be.

Please contact San Bernardino Bail Bond Store for all of your bail bond needs in California. We offer free consultations where we can show you our affordable, customizable payment plan, and how simple the bail bond process can be for our clients.

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