can a tenant withold rent

As a Tenant, can you Legally Withhold Rent

The relationship between tenants and their landlords can be complicated. Often what one person in the relationship thinks of as ...
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child custody laws in california

California’s Views on Child Custody

California family court doesn’t care if whether you married the person you share a child (or children) with, the court’s ...
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camping laws in california

Camping in California

When you travel the U.S., you get to experience what each state has to offer. You also have to be ...
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mitigated dui vs aggivated dui laws

Understanding Mitigated vs. Aggravated DUI Charges in California

It’s no secret that California takes drinking and driving seriously. If your blood alcohol content is 0.08%or higher, you’re considered ...
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truancy laws in california

Your Child’s Habit of Skipping School Could Result in You Spending Time in Jail

You can tell your kids to go to school, you can even drive them there and watch them enter the ...
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hermosa beach laws

Weird and Wacky Laws in Hermosa Beach

Just about any city you visit will have at least one strange law that makes you wonder what the city ...
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dog leach laws california

California’s Attitude Towards Leashes and Dogs

The issue of leashes is a sensitive subject for many dog owners. Some feel that if their dog is well ...
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dog bite laws california

How California Responds When Your Dog Bites Someone

Owning a dog is wonderful, but as a California resident, you need to understand that you are responsible for your ...
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gps laws in california

Using GPS in California Could Result in Legal Trouble

Very few of us even carry a map in the car with us. Why would we when GPS is so ...
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ignoring mandatory evacuation laws

The Consequences of Ignoring a Mandatory Evacuation

Last year, California had a rash of wildfires that resulted in the police ordering a large number of mandatory evacuations ...
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hit and run laws

Citizens Push for Tougher Hit and Run Laws

A recent string of hit and run accidents has shaken the Los Angeles community to its core. In April there ...
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police searches

Can a Police Officer Search Your Vehicle

One of the first things an officer often does when they pull you over for a traffic infraction is take ...
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pet endangerment laws

When Shouldn’t You Leave Your Pet or Child in the Car?

With the weather heating up, we need to aware of our actions. Not staying hydrated, and staying in the sunlight ...
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national waitstaff appreciation day

What is National Waitstaff Appreciation Day?

Working in a restaurant is a rite of passage for some, and for others it’s a career. Being a server ...
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A Bro for Life

A Bro for Life

Siblings are the best friends that can’t ignore you. They’re the only other person in the world that has the ...
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memorial day vs veterans day

Memorial Day Is Not Veterans Day

There are several holidays that are prime BBQ days with the family. These holidays are typically in the summertime and ...
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noise complaint laws california

Noise Complaints: Be the Peace Keeper

We all want to be in control of our lives. We want to decide when we sleep, and when we ...
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Hands Free Devices While Driving

The Low Down on Hands Free Devices While Driving in California

Cell phones and motorists are a bad mix. The split second it takes to answer the phone is enough time ...
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frisbee laws california

Think Twice Before Throwing that Frisbee

If you’re in Los Angeles County, you might want to reconsider playing frisbee with your best friend or dog. The ...
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california eviction process

California’s Eviction Process

While a landlord has the right to evict a tenant from a rental problem if that person is doing a ...
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