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LA’s Escalade-ing Car Problem

reckless driving laws

In the continuing saga of illegal car club takeovers in Los Angeles, yet another recently took place outside a West Covina mall. Unlike previous takeovers that have blocked street intersections and crowded parking lots, this latest one ended in violence. The takeover was orchestrated as a tribute to the late Paul Walker. For those unaware, […]

Drink Responsibly on Halloween

halloween dui checkpoints

Summer came and went and we are now headed into fall. This means that Halloween is almost here! For kids, this means trick-or-treating to get as much candy as they can possibly carry. For adults, it means going out to parties to have a good time. If there is alcohol at these parties, than a […]

Rules of the Beach

orange county affordable bail bonds

Nobody wants to think about rules once summer rolls around, the season is about freedom after all. However, the rules still need to be followed. If someone decides to ignore them, they can end up facing some serious fines or even jail time. California law doesn’t care what season it is. If a law is […]

Road Trip 101 – How to Prepare

things to remember for a road trip

Summer is for lazy pool days, family vacations, and road trips! If you’re like the 80% of Americans who ventured out on a road trip in 2017 then you know that road trips can be a lot of fun. However, they can also be a little nerve-wracking if you’ve never taken one before. That’s why […]

What Happens When You Post Bad Things on Social Media


Another day, another story about someone posting incriminating content on social media. A few weeks ago, two Massachusetts teenage girls put an 8 month old baby, whom they were babysitting, in a refrigerator, closed the door, and laughed. The girls recorded their actions and posted the video on Snapchat, a popular social media app that […]

The Dangers of Hot Water and Online Stunts


Once again, another shocking trend is making its way across the internet and it has very serious results. The Hot Water Challenge, as it has been dubbed, involves pouring boiling water on an unsuspecting person. It is very dangerous and has led to the death of an eight year old. This is a reminder for […]

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