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A bail bond is one of the last things anyone ever wants to have to pay, yet if they are in such a situation, it is one of those things that must be paid off; it’s not something that should be shrugged off to the end. Even for someone in a less ideal situation – they have a low income and support other family members financially – odds are not stacked against them if they suddenly need to afford a bail bond too. How? The answer is at Penny Bail Bonds .

Penny Bail Bonds appeals to every person in need of a bail bond. Whether they are loaded with money or not, Bail Bond Store is able to accommodate anyone who approaches them for help. Penny Bail Bonds measures their success based on the number of people they are able to bail out of jail to reunite with family member, not on how much money they make off of fixed, high prices.

Even if you think you cannot afford a bail bond for yourself or a loved one, contact Bail Bond Store and get a free consultation. payment plans are flexible and customized, tailored to the individual’s own situation. The most affordable bail bonds in California are found at Penny Bail Bonds . Ask your bail agent about qualifying for a no down payment bail bonds.

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A Most Ideal Bail Bond Situation


In a perfect world, you will never have to pay for a bail bond, for yourself or for a loved one. No one in your circle gets in trouble with the law.

In a slightly less than perfect world, you find yourself committing to paying for a bail bond. But in the perfect world of bail bonds, everything runs smoothly.

    ● The payment plan you’ve been set up on agrees with your personal situation at home so that you are not left struggling financially.
    ● The person the bail bond is for (you or another) has been going to court, staying out of trouble, spending more time at home with family, and taking this situation seriously and maturely.
    ● All bail bond payments are paid on time.

It might be strange to imagine that amid such a serious situation, the defendant and his or her loved ones are still able to smile, laugh, and have a good time. But it’s not so strange, really, because their bail process has been simplified and streamlined, thanks to their Upland Bail Bond Store agent. Upland Bail Bond Store gives these families a second chance at being a good, supportive family and it’s not about dwelling on this gloomy situation but rather taking advantage of these now precious moments. This is a most ideal bail bond situation. Ask your bail agent about qualifying for a no down payment bail bonds.

Upland Bail Bond Store is here to help you and your family in need of a bail bond, so call us today at 866-736-6977 or chat with us online to get more information!

Why Some Juveniles Will Get Bail While Most Won’t

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In the majority of cases, juveniles (those who are 17 years or younger) who have been arrested won’t have to pay for bail because the way the justice system is set up, they won’t be offered bail. They will be released to their parents. Bail is only offered for those who are 18 years or older, unless the judge denies bail. However, the exception to bail and juveniles is that if the juvenile is being tried as an adult, then he or she can be eligible for bail. Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bond Store can help with bail for any adult and any juvenile who is being tried as an adult. We will work with you to create the most flexible and affordable payment plan as possible. We’re not trying to make the process difficult for you to accept – we want this to be as easy and smooth as possible; after all, you have much to worry about outside of bail bonds too.

We’re happy to give you a free consultation! Just call Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bond Store at 866-736-6977 . We’ll come to meet you if and when a face to face meeting is necessary. We absolutely won’t let you down!

What Are People Saying About Penny Bail Bonds?

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Penny Bail Bonds is ranked among the best bail bond companies in California. From kind and trustworthy bail bond agents to the pricing to the speed at which the defendant gets out of jail, Penny Bail Bonds is on top of the industry. This family owned and operated company has been in business for almost 30 years and has grown to employ over many agents and representatives who can serve the entire state.

“These guys are great. He is so knowledgeable of the ‘system’ and with great ease, confidence, and most importantly, grace, our loved one’s bail was posted within the hour. Robert is a professional and a gentleman. John keeps his word and has a heart to help. Although we (hope) will never again need his services, we sincerely recommend Robert’s services to you when you need a ‘superhero’ to help your loved one… fast!” – Lilia of Long Beach, CA

“I called and asked a question about my friends case, and Becky who picked up the phone was awesome. She took the time to explain what I can do to resolve my problem. I don’t think a lot of people would have cared about helping me knowing they would not get paid, but Becky didn’t mind at all. She was real sincere and took the time to help me out.” – Billy of Palmdale, CA

“I really recommend this place to anyone that needs help with a bail bond! Other bail bond companies are all talk and not helpful at all! Seriously this place is very helpful and they work with the amount of money you have and stuff like that!” – Bernie of Los Angeles, CA

“My experience with Penny Bail Bonds was perfect. I never thought this type of company still exists. They are really sincere.” – Alex of Santa Barbara, CA

There are plenty more testimonials if you want to take the time to read through them on our site, but if you need to get your loved one out of jail, wait no more!

Contact us immediately and we’ll provide a free consultation for you, and if you wish to move forward, we’ll act quickly. Call us at 866-736-6977 . We absolutely won’t let you down!

What A Bail Agent Can And Cannot Do

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A bail agent cannot:

    ● Offer legal advice
    ● Get bail lowered
    ● Refer to you to an attorney
    ● Accept bribes
    ● Deposit any money towards a defendant for referring business and additional clients

A bail agent can do one main thing: bail you out of jail with a bail bond which you, or any friends or family, can pay off with a comfortable payment plan. But under this “one main thing” that your bail agent can do is a list of “sub-things” they can help with too: customizing your payment plan according to your financial situation, staying with you through the entire bail bond process, keeping you up to date on payments, and be available to you 24/7.

Bail agents honestly become some of the closest confidants during these ordeals. We promise confidentiality and quickness to get this situation over and done with, but in a timely, clean, professional manner. We make sure the bail process runs as smoothly as possible – there is no time for mistakes.

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What Is A “Bounty Hunter?”

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For some reason, the “bounty hunters” only sound like they’re in movies and tv shows. Because of how they’re depicted in pop culture, it’s hard to imagine what they really are and do in real life.

Well, in real life, bounty hunters work with bail bond companies when a defendant fails to show up for his or her court date. When the court notifies the bail bond company that a defendant has skipped court, for whatever reason, then the specific bail agent is on the line. This specific bail agent will need to pay off the full bail, but in an effort to avoid that loss, they will hire a bounty hunter to track the defendant down and return them to custody.

Bounty hunters may travel across state lines to bring defendants back into court if they had fled. They don’t always (actually, rarely) work with the local law enforcement if they do not have to, but occasionally they must, according to the law, even if the law is rarely enforced. San Bernardino Bail Bond Store rarely needs to use bounty hunters but as a warning, cases have dwindled down to that every now and then. We truly hope that you, needing our bail bond services, will not betray us in this manner or take us for granted. We really are on your side to help!

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Everyone Benefits From Bail Bonds

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The person who is getting bailed out of jail isn’t the only one who benefits from the bail bond. Many groups of people can benefit from the use of bail bonds, if you really think about it.

    Bail bond release lowers pre-trial jail populations at no cost to taxpayers.
    ● Defendants who bailed out of jail are less likely to miss their court dates, become fugitives, and consequently have an arrest warrant out for them. Arrest warrants are a burden to law enforcement and courts.
    ● Defendants who bailed out of jail less likely to cause trouble and threaten danger to the public, knowing that they can be re-arrested.
    ● Every posted bail bond results in premium taxes that are paid to the state and the county, creating revenue for the economy.
    Bail bonds are supplied only from bail bond companies which employs people all throughout the state, giving them a living.

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About Kaitlyn’s Law

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Kaitlyn Russell was a six month old who died after she was left alone in a parked car for over two hours. Her unfortunate death is the force behind Kaitlyn’s Law, which makes it illegal for a child 6 years or younger to be left unsupervised by anyone 12 years old or older in a vehicle. This is considered child endangerment, most especially when the sun is out, as the temperature inside the car gets hot very quickly. At the most basic consequence, violators can be fined $100. At the greatest consequence, a life like Kaitlyn’s could be lost and the parent can be charged more harshly.

Parents can easily get their errands done faster without having to bring their young child inside the store with them. But the risk is too great for your child and yourself.

Some parents do get arrested for neglecting their children in this way. If it happens to you or another parent you know, Penny Bail Bonds can help bail you or them bail out of jail.

We’re reachable online at through our chat portal or by phone at 866-736-6977 . We hope we don’t have to help you out, but know that we definitely will if you reach out to us.

Streaming TV Online Is Illegal – Remember!

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These days, less people are watching television shows on television and movies at the theater. They don’t want to have to move their schedule to catch their show at a programmed hour and they don’t want to spend $15 for a movie ticket. But they still keep up to date on their shows and movies – by watching them online and even downloading them and saving it to their computer.

Most people probably don’t remind themselves each time they download a movie or tv episode that what they’re doing is illegal. Also, content that is available and shown to a substantial number of people by one person is also illegal. These are copyright violations and can result in fines and even brief jail time, depending largely on the amount of content that was infringed upon.

If you are planning on watching your shows and movies online, do it on a legal streaming service like Netflix and Hulu. It wouldn’t be the greatest having to pay bail after being arrested for illegally watching, downloading, or sharing content. If that does become the case though, Apple Valley Bail Bond Store will be available to help bail you out of jail for a lower price than what you’d pay directly to jail (85-90% lower, in fact). The only catch regarding money – you won’t be refunded the 10-15% you pay Apple Valley Bail Bond Store.

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What To Know Before Cosigning A Bail Bond


Before cosigning a bail bond, you may want to know what you’re getting yourself into. It’s a nice gesture to do for that friend or family member who was arrested because it shows you care and are supporting them through this ordeal. However, there are some very big risks that could be of concern, and we’ll lay them out right now.

    ● You agree to pay off the full bail bond if the defendant fails to appear in court.
    ● You must pledge collateral to support the bail bond.
    ● You must relinquish your pledged collateral if the bail bond is revoked because the defendant failed to appear in court.

You’re probably already aware, but pledged collateral is no inexpensive item. It’s typically real estate property, vehicles, and valuables like jewelry, electronics, and firearms.

Risks like that may completely deter people from ever cosigning a bail bond, even for their most trusted loved ones, but cosigners also do have powerful rights to protect themselves. They may withdraw their name from the bail bond at any time they wish if they feel that the defendant will skip court or violate the law again. By revoking their name from the bail bond, the defendant will be taken back into custody and the pledged collateral will be returned to them. Penny Bail Bonds can get into the nitty gritty details of being a cosigner; it’s imperative to know every last detail to protect yourself.

Chat with us online now or call us up at 866-736-6977 . We’re here to help bail people out of jail but we’re also here to look after the cosigners too.