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What A Bail Agent Can And Cannot Do

A bail agent cannot: ● Offer legal advice ● Get bail lowered ● Refer to you to an attorney ● Accept bribes ● Deposit any money towards a defendant for referring business and additional clients A bail agent can do one main thing: bail you out of jail with a bail bond which you, or […]

Chino Hills Bail Bond Store Offers The Best And The Most

● 24/7 service and availability anywhere in California ● Numerous offices throughout California ● Personalized, affordable, low monthly rate payment plans ● Cash, credit and debit, checks are accepted ● Easy, convenient, and secure online payment system ● Licensed, professional, friendly, and understanding bail bond agents ● Secure online chat and hotline assistance ● Prompt […]

Tax Returns Can Be Used Towards Bail

A tax refund is the difference between the taxes that an individual has paid and the taxes that the individual owes. There are times when individuals will need to pay additional taxes in April, but there are also times when individuals receive a tax return from the government. They receive a tax return because they […]

Rescue Your Loved One from Jail with Professional Bail Help from Chino Hills Bail Bond Store

No one ever wants to sit behind bars, but most people are too intimidated by bail bonds to try to rescue their friends or family members from jail. These people do not know how easy it is to rescue a loved one from jail with help from the professionals here at Chino Hills Bail Bond […]