Tax Returns Will Alleviate Bail Bond Payments


If should be receiving your tax return soon if you haven’t already and just as many people would agree, we recommend using that money wisely. If you owe no money to anyone, aren’t in debt, don’t have bills or payments to pay off, that’s great! Perhaps you can invest the money or allocate it towards future, large payments like your child’s education. But if you do have payments to make still, then you should definitely use your tax return for that. Bail bond payments fall under that category. You probably weren’t thinking this because this is not a usual thing you are paying like rent or groceries. You were kind of thrown into this situation all of a sudden. But your tax return money is an opportunity to help alleviate some of this financial burden.

Tax returns are 100% acceptable for bail bond companies, as they accept this money in any other way as they normally would – cash, credit or debit, or check. Of course you’ll have to wait until the money is cleared in your account before you can move it, transfer it, cash it, etc. We want to make this process as simplified and understandable as possible for you and remember, we’re here to help you through the whole thing. Get in touch now!

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An Example Of A False Report

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It’s not very surprising, but instead disappointing, that there are people in prison who have been wrongly convicted of a crime. The person could be in prison because investigators were lazy, the jury was lazy or racist or sexist, the technology to test DNA and evidence was not as precise and accurate as it is today, or a victim or witness lied.

Every so often, a wrongly convicted individual is finally released early, after having his or her name cleared. Lake County’s 71-year-old Luther Jones is one of these men.

Jones spent 18 years in prison for allegedly molesting a 10-year-old girl. The girl’s mother made her lie and say Jones was the man responsible. Now 20 years later, that same little girl, now a 30-year-old woman, admits the truth and recants her claim that Jones molested her.

Because of this, Jones is released and received $1 million from the state and the girl’s mother could now face criminal charges for making a false report – and for costing a man many years of freedom. The woman can be arrested and tried in court. She could face fines and even prison time herself.

This is an example of the consequences of making a false report. You’re not only ruining another person’s life, you’re effectively ruining yours too. If you or someone you know is in jail for the time being and is offered bail, contact Penny Bail Bonds to get a bail bond to secure release.

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The Big Differences Between Seventeen Year Olds And Eighteen Year Olds.

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When you’re fifteen or sixteen years old, and you get in trouble with the police, your parents are the ones who will be responsible for the consequences that arise like paying fines. Your allowance may be taken away from you, for awhile, but your parents will be the ones who will need to sign papers, communicate with the court, and pay any monetary dues. But once you turn eighteen, you are responsible for yourself. Your parents will not be required to pay any of your fines (or other consequences) on your behalf. They may choose to help you, and they likely will, but they are not obligated to do so.

You see, anyone seventeen or younger is considered a minor or a juvenile. They don’t go to jail but maybe juvenile hall. They may have to perform community service and pay a fine. Their records are expunged when they turn eighteen so it’s like they get a fresh start. But anyone eighteen and over is considered an adult. They are legally responsible for their own actions and if they are arrested, they will either need to post bail, or stay in jail.

Posting bail isn’t too hard, especially with an agent from Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds helping. Bail Bonds is one of California’s top bail bond agencies.

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How You Know If You Can Apply For A Bail Bond

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Most defendants will be eligible to apply for a bail bond to get out of jail if they wish to use this route; however, not all defendants will qualify for a bail bond. You don’t need to be above or below a certain average household income. You don’t need to be of a certain age. It doesn’t matter if you’ve used a bail bond before or not. There is only one thing, or actually one person, who will decide if you qualify for a bail bond, and that is the judge at your arraignment hearing.

The arraignment hearing occurs after the defendant has been arrested and booked, and before the actual trial. This is when the charges are formally announced and bail is determined. The judge can declare that the defendant to be held without bail – meaning they have to remain in custody (usually for those accused of the most heinous crimes or considered a high flight risk), or the judge can announce that the defendant’s bail is set at a certain price. Bail prices follow a bail schedule that is reviewed annually, and the defendant’s ties to the community and whether or not they have a pre-existing criminal record will also be taken into consideration.

By attending your arraignment hearing, you’ll know if you can apply for a bail bond. If you’re offered bail, you can contact a bail bond agent from San Bernardino Bail Bonds as immediately afterwards as possible. The company is available 24/7 state-wide in California and will work with you and your supportive family and friends to get you out of jail fast.

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The Weirdest California Laws

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    ● You cannot play with a frisbee at any Los Angeles beaches unless you get the lifeguard’s “okay.”
    ● Women may not drive while wearing a house coat.
    ● No vehicle without a driver can go more than 60 miles per hour.
    ● Animals may not mate in public if they are within 1,500 feet of a school or place of worship.
    ● You must own at least two cows in Blythe before you are allowed to wear cowboy boots.
    ● A male cannot go outside his house if he is wearing mis-matching pants and jacket in Carmel.
    ● You may not use your own bathroom in Dana Point if the window is open.
    ● Moustached men may not kiss a woman in Eureka.
    ● Annoying a lizard in a Fresno city park is illegal.

These are just some of the strangest laws that still exist today in California. Don’t ask when or why they were passed. Don’t ask why they haven’t been modified or removed. Just know that while you most likely could get away with these, you could still technically get fined or arrested for violating any. Of course, this would probably be coming from quite a stickler of a policeman or policewoman…

No matter how weird these laws are, San Bernardino Bail Bond Store can assure you we’ll help bail you out of jail for violating any of these – or for violating any more serious law.

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What Happens To A Bail Bond When Court Is Missed

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When a person is released from jail on a bail bond, they are also making a promise to go to all the court dates they are required to go to. Going to court is a condition of their release. If there is a conflict, it is best to get the other event moved, not the court date. However, if it is really a pressing conflict, they can talk to their lawyer and the judge and request a change of date. The judge may or may not allow it and if he or she doesn’t, that still better show up in court.

If they miss a court date for whatever reason, the bail bond, and thus their freedom from jail, is in jeopardy. The judge may give a warning or forfeit the bond immediately. If and when this happens, the defendant will be taken back into custody. If this does not happen promptly or smoothly, the judge can issue a bench warrant for arrest, alerting the police.

For those who are not trying to be problematic and are trustworthy, the bail agent can reinstate the bail bond and request that the bench warrant be cancelled. If this follows through, the defendant will not be taken back into custody.

There is much to know about bail bonds but it’s not too difficult to understand.

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Mom And Penny Bail Bonds : Your Best Bets

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Moms will be moms and that means they are always going to worry about you, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. It’s that natural motherly instinct.

It’s part of your job to reassure her you are fine, that she raised a good son or daughter. In order to do this, you need to show responsibility.

Doing that might be difficult in the most complicated situations – like getting arrested for something. She’s going to have a fit but you can prove yourself to her again by bailing out of jail and dealing with the forthcoming consequences responsibly. When you bail out of jail, spend more time at home with her and other family members. Spend less time partying and going out all the time. Get busy at work and help out around the house. Seeing this will lessen her worry and stress – but not diminish it because again, that’s impossible!

Don’t be afraid to go to her when you need her the most, and don’t be embarrassed to either. Yes it might be embarrassing but once you get past that, you’ll realize that she is one strong woman who can help you through anything.

First thing is first: bail out of jail. Get in touch with Penny Bail Bonds and your agent will be with you and your family through the whole process. We’ve done this for nearly 30 years and trust us when we say that family and friends pull through this united, no matter how strenuous it is.

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Ask For Help Before It’s Too Late

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Asking for help might be intimidating and embarrassing, especially for young adults. Young adults want to prove they can handle everything they get involved in. They want to show their independence. But nobody should have to handle a very big problem – like, legal problems – by themselves.

Closest friends and family are some of the best people to offer help and support. They know you best and have a close relationship with you. There is trust between the two of you. But, sometimes this existing, personal relationship is at risk if a loved one is there to help. In this case, professionals like licensed therapists and counselors are the best people to ask for help from. These people are strangers so there is no deep relationship and thus no worry of straining a relationship.

The best thing to do is get help immediately before the situation gets worse. That’s a given. But if the situation gets to the point of an arrest, it’s not the end of the world. Even at this point, it’s a very good idea to get some people involved who can support you through this “rebuilding” time of your life. Get parents, best friends, lawyers, and a bail bond agent. This team is behind you.

As far as bail bonds go, you can get a bail agent from Rialto Bail Bond Store. Your bail agent will guide you through your entire bail process, making it as easy as stress-free as possible.

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What If I Can’t Afford Bail?

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Let’s face it – bail is expensive no matter how much your bail price is, whether it’s in the few hundreds to the thousands or even a million! On top of that, it’s not something you ever really anticipate having to pay for, so you don’t have a budget for that like you do for rent, bills, and groceries.

Most people are unable to pay for bail out-of-pocket, meaning they cannot gather enough money quickly enough to pay for bail to the court. They need to pay off the whole price of bail before they are freed and so for many, it’s unrealistic. This is where bail bonds come into play.

Bail bonds are arranged through a third party – a bail bond company. They will charge the defendant (and any friends or family members who are offering to help pay) anywhere between 10 and 15% of the full bail price that the judge originally set the bail at for their services. The bail agent will work out a payment plan so that those financially responsible can make smaller payments over a longer period of time. Once the paperwork is agreed and signed, it will transfer to the jail for processing. The defendant will be released back home. Over the course of the coming weeks and months, the defendant will need to make all court appearances and all bail bond payments need to be made on time.

If you cannot afford bail, there isn’t a need to worry because you do have the alternative option of bail bonds. Bail bonds can be paid with cash, credit or debit, checks, and collateral. The monetary payments are non-refundable but collateral can be released back to the original owner. Ask your bail agent about no collateral bail bonds.

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You’re Greater Than Your Arrest

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Getting arrested and bailing out of jail is going to be embarrassing – both for the person who was arrested, as well as their absolute closest friends and family members. But instead of facing this situation as an overbearing punishment, think of it as a lesson and motivation to be a better, more responsible and mature person. Grow from this in a positive way. This is a second chance to demonstrate to others that you are strong enough to face this tough of a situation. Can they do it? Maybe, maybe not. But you are, and you will get through it well. You’re not alone. You have family and friends, and you have San Bernardino Bail Bond Store.

San Bernardino Bail Bond Store is the trusted bail bond company who will see that you are bailed out of jail promptly. This company has been in the bail bond industry for nearly 30 years; we know what we’re doing, and we do it very well.

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