What Does Love Have To Do With Bail Bonds?


As cheesy as it sounds, love is the most valuable quality to understand. Love has some pretty incredible powers, including the power to overcome some of the worst scenarios, like being arrested. Here is what we mean:

You have just been arrested for a crime.

Now you are sitting in jail waiting, waiting, and waiting. Finally, you have your arraignment hearing and are given your bail. “$100,000,” the judge exclaims. You are immediately left speechless, wondering how you are going to be able to come up with all that money in order to be released. Do you need to sell your house? Do you need to take out a loan? What issues will you run into?

Back in jail, you call your parents and finally fill them in on your recent events. As expected, they are furious.However, they are also concerned and relieved at the same time. What a mix of emotions.It comes down to their love for you. It is a never-ending quality they will have for you,and because of that, you have them as lifelong allies.

They are able to help bail you out of jail with a more affordable option. They have contacted a bail bonds company and have been assigned a professional bail bond agent. Now, instead of paying $100,000, you only need to pay 10%,which you can pay on a payment plan spread out over several months.

Now you know about this alternative method for paying for bail. You even understand why having solid relationships with those who care about you most is so important.Your loved ones will help come up with resources and solutions that better fit your needs.

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Highland Bail Bond Store Is Open 24/7


A 3 A.M. phone call from your loved one in jail may be disturbing and troubling to you, but one to Highland Bail Bond Store is not to us. Highland Bail Bond Store is a 24/7 professional bail bonds company that serves all of California. We understand that people are arrested at all hours of the day. Hospitals do not close after 6 PM, and neither do police stations. So, why should we? Arrestees need our bail help at all hours, so we are here to give them that help.

Alternatively, you can go online and Chat With Us. We are well staffed, well equipped, and well prepared to meet your bail bond needs quickly and efficiently.

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San Bernardino Bail Bond Store Will Give You Your Mother’s/ Father’s Day


Mother’s and Father’s Days are both approaching and all that is really wanted is a united family. If you have got a loved one in jail who needs bailing out, contact our team here at San Bernardino Bail Bond Store. We will help you take care of your loved one.

With our help, you can make sure your Mom or Dad has the best Mother’s and Father’s Day, by bailing out your sibling. You can also make sure your spouse does not miss his or her own Mother’s or Father’s Day. You can see to it that your child does not miss celebrating Mom or Dad.

So many people can be affected by one person’s arrest, yet that many people can also benefit with our help. Let us help make your Mother’s and Father’s Day the best one yet.

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It Is the 21st Century and You Can Technically Still Be Arrested for This


What century are we in? That is certainly a question to ask, especially after you read about these odd, and yet quite entertaining, laws in California and America.

In California

    ● It is illegal to serve alcohol to a gay person. Considering California is one of the more progressive and democratic states, it is time for this law to be wiped away!
    ● You must have a hunting license in order to set up a mousetrap.
    ● Eating oranges in a bathtub is a no-no.
    ● It is illegal to wiggle while dancing,but to us, wiggling is dancing!
    ● You cannot stop a child from joyfully jumping over puddles of water. Now this is a law we like! Long live your youth!
    ● Blythe: only when you own two cows may you wear cowboy boots. Perhaps this is to control the number of cows, and thus the smell they would bring to the city.
    ● Los Angeles: a man must have a license before he serenades a woman. Romancing is not easy!
    ● Walnut: you can be arrested for leaving sand in your own driveway. So much for a DIY beachfront home.

In other parts of America

    ● Alaskans cannot take the childhood rhyme and game “step on a crack, break your mother’s back” seriously, because intentionally avoiding walking on pavement cracks is illegal.
    ● In Little Rock, Arkansas, youare only allowed to eat cheese on Friday if you have a beer. Mostly, we are upset for the children who enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and pizza.
    ● It is illegal to shower naked in Florida. Um… what?
    ● In Indiana, residents are forbidden from eating their own severed body parts on Fridays. We donot even want to know what prompted this one to become a law in the first place.
    ● On Sundays, all church-going men in Massachusetts must bring a rifle with them.
    ● Wisconsin women may not have their hair cut. This must be where Rapunzel is from!

We can go on and on with these weird laws in both California and America. We are sure a majority of them were originally put in place for a more serious reason that people today cannot seem to think about. Now, most of these are irrelevant and not enforced.

That doesnot mean you still cannot get in trouble for disobeying any of them. No, you can still technically be arrested for committing these silly crimes today. If you are, gosh, we will not know what to think, except that we will certainly help you bail out of jail.

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Bye Bye, Vacation – Bail Comes First


Spring is springing and that means travelers are traveling! All kinds of destinations are calling our names, but sometimes, travel plansare rudely interrupted. An untimely arrest befalls a person and suddenly, they have to craft their immediate future around this legal case.

Now, some people who bail out of jail will be allowed to travel. They may have certain geographical restrictions as to where they can and cannot go. They will definitely have time restrictions – no matter what, they have to show up for their court dates. That may mean cutting the trip short or canceling it altogether.

Some people will not be allowed to travel at all while out on bail.

Your vacation, which was once a priority, now comes second to this criminal case. Missing court will hinder the defendant. Even requesting to move a court date is not a good look, especially if the reason is to accommodate travel plans. Montclair Bail Bond Store bail agents will help keep their clients in check. The bail bondsmen will help oversee that the defendant goes to court, but if he or she skips court, the co-signer for the bail bond is held responsible. So, for anyone who is out on bail and contemplating travel plans,first talk with your Montclair Bail Bond Store bail agent. The bail agent will help you make a wise decision.

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There Are Laws Regarding Gun Storage. Did You Know That?


All kinds of laws surround California gun owners. There are laws for purchasing and selling guns and there are obviously laws for how guns are used. There are even laws for storing guns, which are no less important to know than all of the other laws about guns are. Storage laws are primarily meant to keep children and strangers from accessing the guns and potentially firing them.

In California, it is illegal to store a loaded gun in a place where a child can find and reach it.It is a misdemeanor crimeto store a loaded gun in a place where a child can access it, which punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. If the incident escalates to where a person is injured or killed, the owner can be put in jail for a few years and fined $10,000. However, the worst punishment in this situation is the injuries sustained, or the death of an innocent person, because the gun was irresponsibly stored.

If you are a gun owner, be responsible and follow the laws for owning a gun. Donot misuse it and we certainly hopethat any serious incidents never occur. However, if you find yourself arrested, Penny Bail Bonds may be able to bail you out of jail with an affordable bail bond. Keep us in mind.

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Drinking and Driving Is Never a Good Idea


There will never be too many warnings against drinking and driving because, even though we are constantly reminded of this message, people do it anyway. They think they are good at driving, even while under the influence. That they will not get into an accident, or they won’t be pulled over. People continue to drive after having drinks.

However, people do get into accidents and getpulled over. These people too thought it wouldnot happen to them. Some end up in the hospital, some in jail, and the worst cases – a deathbed. Imagine what that person’s family and friends go through. Imagine if it was you.

There are so many alternatives to driving –a taxi, Uber, Lyft, the bus, a sober designated driver.Call someone to pick you up. You can even call the cops to drive you home. If youare hammered, definitely do not drive. If you had one drink, think twice about getting behind the wheel. This is a responsibility you need to take for yourself and for others, because getting behind the wheel while drunk puts others at risk too. On top of that, donot let your friends and family members drive home drunk either.

Do you want to end up in jail? Do you want to have this mark on your record? Do you want to have to pay to get out of jail? Definitely not.

Here at Apple Valley Bail Bond Store, we are all too familiar with drunk drivers – we bail them out of jail. We dislike the situation, but we will not hesitate to get them out of jail, and we will not hesitate to do the same for you.

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Weighing Pros And Cons Of Cash Vs. Bail Bonds


When a person is granted bail, they have two ways of paying for it: a cash bond or a bail bond. Here, we weigh both concepts:

    Cash Bond

      ● Pay whole bail amount up-front; entire amount must be paid before defendant can be released.
      ● There is no third party to deal with.
      ● There is less paperwork to take care of this way.
      ● Bail is 100% refundable, as long as defendant complies with release terms and goes to court.The refund comes in check form but often takes a few months to get back.
      ● If the defendant does not show up in court, you lose your money, and perhaps your relationship and trust with the defendant from there on out.The defendant will be taken back into custody.

    Bail Bond

      ● Pay only 10% of the full bail amount to the bail bond company (third party), but it is not refundable.
      ● The 10% is paid over a payment plan that extends beyond the time of the defendant’s release.
      ● Cash, credit, debit, and checks are acceptable forms of payment.
      ● Requires collateral and a co-signer who can vouch for the defendant and make sure they meet court dates.If the defendant skips court, the defendant will be taken back into custody, collateral may be taken, and the full bail price may need to be paid by the co-signer.
      ● Co-signer may take their name off the bail bond at any time they wish if they lose trust in the defendant.
      ● A professional bail agent will be with you through the whole process so you know exactly what is happening.

Deciding between the two really comes down to what you can afford. Obviously, you want to get your loved one out as soon as possible, but at the same time, you need to have the money. Bail bonds are not reserved solely for those in the lower income bracket; bail bonds are available to anyone (even filthy rich celebrities use bail bonds). San Bernardino Bail Bond Store will help anyone who needs a bail bond and they will work with you to customize the payment plan so it is as comfortable for you as possible.

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Hesperia Bail Bond Store Puts You First


Hesperia Bail Bond Store is a stand up, respectable, and honorable bail bond company in California. With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry and many helpful and dedicated employees, the company will only continue to grow. Other bail bond companies may have more experience, but Hesperia Bail Bond Store sees more satisfied customers, including customers who are referred to us through their own friends and family members who have worked with us. That’s certainly saying something.

We have one goal: successfully bail our clients out of jail. We don’t discriminate based on income level or anything and we also do not judge. We do not charge inflated prices and fees and we do not take advantage of clients and their loved ones. We work with honest and integrity because not only is our reputation on the line, but more importantly, someone’s freedom is on the line. When we’ve got someone in our hands to take care of, we will not misplace the trust and reliability others put in us to help solve the problem

You can get a free consultation from Hesperia Bail Bond Store to see for yourself exactly how we can help you.

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Expunging Vs. Sealing A Criminal Record


Having a criminal record can be haunting, especially for a person who is generally a good and honest person. And we know that employers and banks (and others) are able to access arrest and conviction records during criminal background checks. Is it possible to have any information on a criminal record sealed, so that in the future, it won’t show up during a criminal background check? After all, it was years ago, a minor issue, and that person has been on very good behavior since.

Well, it is possible and there are two ways to do this: expunging or sealing the record.

    Sealing a record means that it can no longer be accessed by normal means. So employers, for example, who are running a background check on you, will not see any records that have been sealed. The records still exist, but require a court order in order to be seen again. Expunging a record is making it as if the offense never happened. The record is removed or destroyed so even by a court order, the record will not be revealed.

    Obviously, expunging a record is more preferable to sealing it if possible, but in both situations, they are both beneficial to the individual. Of course, neither of this occurs until much later than the actual conviction at the end of trial.

If you need a bail bond to get you out of jail before and during trial, then by all means, contact Apple ValleyBail Bond Store by calling 866-736-6977 or chatting with a representative online now.