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Be Careful Where You Walk Your Dog This Summer

pet safety during summer

Taking care of others isn’t always easy. Often times, the other person or creature needs constant supervision to keep them safe and healthy. Without a constant, watchful eye, the dependent could cause trouble, get hurt, or worse. This is often the case with pets, especially dogs.

Dogs have a tendency to be more high maintenance than cats. Of course, this isn’t to say there are no high maintenance cats out there, but dogs take the lead. They need to be walked and cleaned regularly. Luckily, with summer here, walking dogs is no big deal. The mornings and evening in summer provide the best weather for taking a pup on a nice stroll around a park or along a hiking trail. However, there is a danger for dogs lurking along trails and out there in the wilderness, one that many people would not initially expect.

Foxtails Can Be Harmful to Dogs

Everyone knows that summer brings warmer weather with it. While this warmer weather can be enjoyable for going outside, it cooks the landscape. As plants begin to dry up, many of them begin to seed before dying. One grass in particular has what, at first glance, may appear harmless, but in actuality can be dangerous to dogs. These plants are called foxtail grasses.

Foxtail grasses are clumps of grasses that come in varying sizes. The grasses can be recognized by their fluffy looking flower and seed cluster. These seed clusters often hold hundreds of seeds that all look like tiny foxtails, which is where the name comes from.

A person has often encountered these seeds while hiking when they feel something poking them in their sock. These seeds are great at getting lodged into anything scraggily, such as socks, and can be very uncomfortable. Luckily, when a person feels the seed poking them, it can be removed easily enough with a bit of firm pulling to untangle it. Unfortunately, for fury companions, getting stuck with one of these seeds can be more harmful.

These seeds like to get lodged in dog’s furs, ears, and noses. Not only is this likely incredibly annoying for the poor pooch, it can cause a bit of harm to the pup if left untreated. The seeds can end up getting lodged further into the skin, where it can cause an infection. The infection can become lethal to the dog if left untreated.

In order to keep dogs healthy and happy, and owner needs to brush down their dog after any walk. This should remove any foxtails from the pup’s fur. Then the owner should checks for any foxtails in their dog’s ears, nose, and in-between paws. If any are found, they should be removed as soon as possible. If things start to get bad, the person should take their dog to the vet.

Keep an Eye out for Foxtails

After California’s surprisingly rainy spring, there are plenty of foxtails out their just waiting to get lodged in some poor dog’s fur. A dog owner should choose their walking locations carefully, and avoid any areas where foxtails. A person should also weed their yard and get rid of any foxtail grasses there to help keep the yard safe for dogs.

All any good dog owner wants to do is keep their pup healthy and happy, and keeping the pooch away from foxtails is a great way to do that. Has your pooch ever had a bad encounter with foxtails? Do you have any tips for dealing with foxtails, or for any other problems that a caring dog owner should know about? Share them in the comments below and help others keep their pups safe from harm.

rules of the road california

Truly Weird Rules of the Road

rules of the road california

Drivers training is the time when you learn what things you can and can’t do while behind the wheel, however, it turns out that there are a few California road rules your driver’s training instructor failed to mention.

The Road Isn’t the Place to Take a Nap

Most of us have had a time when we found we were just too tired to keep driving. The simplest solution is to pull over somewhere and grab a quick power nap. If road fatigue strikes you while you’re traveling through Eureka California, it’s in your best interest to find a fast food place or nice rest area before parking. The town has a strict law stating that while you’re there, you’re breaking the law each time you use the road as a bed. While it’s likely that the creators of the law were trying to discourage anyone from laying down on the asphalt, it’s possible that if an police officer stops to find out why your car is parked on the side of the road and catches you napping, they may decide to issue you a ticket.

The Road is Meant for Rutabagas

There was a time when Chico California was looking at their annual budget and trying to figure out how they could tighten things up. One of the decisions the budgetary committee made was to lower their annual crop dusting bill. They decided that one of the best ways to do this was passing a law that makes it illegal to plant rutabagas in or near the roads. So, if you have a yen for home grown rutabaga and live in Chico, keep your gardening efforts contained to your own property.

Keep Your Margaritas in Their Glass

Hermosa Beach, California town officials are trying to keep the roads and peoples’ vehicles free of the damage done by salt. This effort prompted them to pass a law that makes it illegal to spill margaritas on the any Hermosa Beach street. So, finish that drink before heading outside.

Keep Your Entire Body in the Vehicle

Rumor has it that the reason Glendale California’s town officials opted to pass a law making it illegal for anyone to jump out of their car while it’s traveling 65mph is due to pressure that was being put on them by insurance lobbyists. The reason the law was passed isn’t nearly as important as the knowledge that if you’re passing through Glendale and are suddenly struck by an overwhelming urge to leap from your moving vehicle, you should check your speedometer.

mitigated dui vs aggivated dui laws

Understanding Mitigated vs. Aggravated DUI Charges in California

mitigated dui vs aggivated dui laws

It’s no secret that California takes drinking and driving seriously. If your blood alcohol content is 0.08%or higher, you’re considered legally intoxicated. If you get pulled over, you will be hauled to the nearest county or city jail and you will have to appear in court.

What many California drivers don’t know, is that each judge in California has been provided with a set of guidelines that they consult whenever they’re hearing a DUI case. The judge can choose how they use the guidelines. Therefore, some people seem to get punished much more severely for a DUI offense than other people.

Factors the sitting judge considers when your DUI case goes before them include:

  • How far over the legal limit your BAC was when you were pulled over
  • The reason you were pulled over
  • What your driving and criminal record is like

Two words frequently heard during DUI cases are mitigating and aggravated. The judge isn’t the only person who will use those particular words. Be prepared for the prosecutor to throw them around whenever they meet with you and discuss the possibility of accepting a plea bargain.

Mitigating vs. Aggravating

During your DUI case, you want to hear the judge use the word mitigating. Whenever this word is bandied around it indicates that the judge is leaning towards a fairly lenient sentencing for you DUI case. It also means that the judge feels there were some outside circumstances that led to you being behind the wheel after you’d been drinking.

One of the most common reasons that the judge will opt for a mitigating charge is because the driver mixed prescription drugs with alcohol without realizing that by doing so, they were sending their BAC level way higher than it would normally be.

Other factors that some judges use while trying to decide if the driver should be found guilty of mitigated DUI or aggravated DUI include:

  • If the defendant has a good employment history
  • If they’re a good student
  • If they’re an active and helpful member of the community
  • If the defendant frequently gets traffic tickets

A charge of aggravated DUI is much more serious. This type of charge brings about harsh penalties, many of which will lower the quality of your life. Things the judge considers before sentencing someone with aggravated DUI include:

  • If you injured or hurt someone while you were under the influence
  • If there was a child in the car with you at the time
  • If you’ve had prior convictions, even if they’re not connected to driving
  • If you were driving well above the speed limit
  • If you were driving recklessly
  • How far above 0,08% your BAC was when you were pulled over and given a breathalyzer test.

Even your conduct while your in court could be the different between a charge of mitigated vs. aggravated DUI.

frisbee laws california

Think Twice Before Throwing that Frisbee

frisbee laws california

If you’re in Los Angeles County, you might want to reconsider playing frisbee with your best friend or dog. The county has a law that clearly states that before you can throw a frisbee, permission needs to be granted by a lifeguard.

Yep, this sounds like one of those ridiculous laws that are just plain silly. After all, if you’re in your own yard or a public park, it’s unlikely that you’ll even be able to track down a lifeguard. And even when you’re on the beach, no one seeks a lifeguard out just to ask if they can throw a frisbee back and forth Yet, it does exist, and when you dig just a little deeper, you’ll start to realize that there’s actually a pretty sound basis for the law.

Basically, what the law means is that if you’re on a public beach and your playing with a frisbee (or anything else) and the lifeguard feels that you’re being a nuisance or disruptive, they can ask you to quit. The reason for the law is that there are times when throwing frisbees, balls, boomerangs, etc. can not only prove disruptive to others who are trying to enjoy the same space.
If a lifeguard (or police officer, park official, etc.) requests that you stop throwing the frisbee and you fail to do so, the Los Angeles courts have the right to hit you with a $1,000 fine for a failure to comply to the request. Failing to pay the fine can result in your arrest and criminal charges.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when a lifeguard or park official comes up to them and requests that they stop doing something, such as tossing a frisbee around, is taking the request personally and losing their temper, which in turn means the official gets upset. Tensions mount until the official has no choice but to take drastic action that could result in your arrest. The best way to handle the situation is to remain polite and listen to what the official has to say. More often than not, they’ll provide an explanation for their request as well as a suggestion about another location or time when you can resume your frisbee throwing. If the request seems outrageous to you, rather than getting upset with the official, ask to see their supervisor.

Keeping a cool head and knowing when it’s best to take your frisbee and walk away from the entire situation, you’ll avoid a hefty fine and won’t risk spending a night in jail.

What’s Worse than a DUI? A DUI While Underage

What’s Worse than a DUI? A DUI While Underage

What’s Worse than a DUI? A DUI While Underage

Most people recognize the fact that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a bad idea. Unfortunately, there are still people out there who do not understand this concept, and many of them are underage. Young drivers are still learning how serious all of their actions behind the wheel of the car are. They do not understand that being under the influence of anything makes their driving worse.

With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of California, it has become easier for people to get ahold of. While this is fine for those who are of a legal age to use the drug, this has proven a bit problematic since it has made it easier for minors to get their hands on as the drug well.

In order to prevent accident and save lives, Senator Jerry Hill has proposed a new bill. Under this new law, anyone under the age or 21 who is caught driving with marijuana in their system would have their license suspended for one year. This would make the punishment identical to if a person under the age of 21 is caught driving with alcohol in their system.

Driving under the influence is always a bad decision, but it is even worse when someone is driving under the influence when they are underage. Now, not only are they breaking the law by driving, they are also breaking the law for having the substances in their system. They’re breaking two laws at once, and many people feel that should come with pretty hefty consequences.

California Considering Plastic Straw Ban

California Considering Plastic Straw Ban

California Considering Plastic Straw Ban

Just over a year ago, the state of California banned grocery stores from giving away single use plastic bags. The goal was to reduce the amount of plastic that made it out into the environment. Now, California lawmakers are considering making it a crime for dine-in restaurant waiters to give out plastic straws.

This new law was proposed by Assemblyman Ian Calderon this January, and since then it has received a lot of criticism. The many reason for this, is the fact that the bill calls on any waiter caught giving plastic straws to customers who didn’t ask for them to be fined $1,000 and face up to 6 months in jail. This would be a misdemeanor offense, and it is a pretty hefty penalty for handing out straws.

Of course, the goal of the law is a good one. The idea, which is identical to the plastic bag ban that voters passed in 2016, is to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by Californians every single day. Plastic straws are often used once, and then thrown away. From there, they can end up in the ocean or in other areas of the environment where they will stay until they decompose several decades later.

Assemblyman Calderon claims that the penalties were added on by the state legislative rules committee, and that he does not want there to be any fines or jail time for waiters who give out straws. He plans to rework the bill and expects to have it go across Governor Jerry Brown’s desk with in the next two months.

While this may seem like a big deal now, in all likelihood, this will blow over pretty quickly if such a law were passed. Just look at the plastic bag ban. That was a huge deal when it first occurred, but nowadays most people don’t care. It has simply become a part of their daily live, and it was not as big a deal as people feared it might be. A ban of this nature would not be the end of the world, and it could do a lot to helping keep the environment clean.

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How Do You Know You Found “The One”

How Do You Know You Found The One

Finding you’re fairy-tale ending is what most of us think about. Being with the one person that makes you a better version of yourself is a shared dream we all have. This has become the apple of our society’s eyes. How do you find it and how do you know what you found is real?

The current generation has been raised on Disney and fairytale love. However, this generation also has apps that make hooking up with strangers easier than ever. Deciphering whether or not you have the real deal can be complicated. Sure there are a bunch of quizzes online and you could even look at astrological signs to help you, but those don’t really help a whole lot. Thankfully, we have E-Harmony with a list of signs that mean you found the one:

  • You’re No Longer Playing the “Game” – When you’ve found “the one” you won’t be playing the dating game anymore. You won’t be chasing the perfect relationship, because you are in the perfect relationship.
  • You are Good Enough – You no longer feel the need to impress anyone else because “the one” makes you feel like you are enough.
  • Conflict is Easily Managed – Arguments will happen, and if you’re with “the one” you both will work through disagreements and find resolutions together.
  • Simple Tasks become Interesting – Your normal routine becomes more exciting when you’re with “the one.”
  • There’s No Drama – When you’re in the relationship with “the one” you’ll find minimal to no drama. This may be because you are no longer playing games in the relationship.
  • You’re Friends and Family Get It – You no longer have to explain to your friends and family why you love “the one” because they understand it. Your friends and family see how your relationship works, and they love it.
  • You Make them Happy – You can make “the one” happy just as much as they make you happy.
  • Same Life Goals – Your goals are similar, if not the same, as theirs.
  • Respect – You both hold mutual respect for each other.

Finding “the one” is a challenge, but staying with “the one” shouldn’t be too difficult. When it comes to deciding whether or not you found the one, you really shouldn’t have to ask yourself this. It should be obvious in the way that your relationship is so different than previous ones. You can rely on silly quizzes, or astrological signs, but ultimately only you will know the true answer.


Road Trip Checklist


Summer is the perfect time to take a road trip with friends. It is vacation season and the weather is perfect for you to drive your convertible with the wind blowing in your hair. Whether you have a destination in mind or you prefer to just drive, make sure you have packed your essentials such as sunglasses, sunblock, swim suits, and have your driving playlist ready.

Before you get on the road, make sure to do a safety check of your vehicle.

  • Check that all exterior lights of the car work properly: head lights, tail lights, brake lights, signal lights, and high beams.
  • Make sure your horn is working, and loud for others to hear.
  • All passengers need to be wearing a seatbelt. Make sure those function properly.
  • Hopefully it will not rain, but in case it does, you will want your windshield wipers working.
  • Take a look at your tires. Do they need air? Are the treads good to withstand your road trip? Take a spare tire with you as well.
  • Open up the hood of your car and fill up the fluids.
  • Get your brakes checked and make sure they are good to go.

By making sure your car is road trip-ready, you are taking extra precautions to avoid accidents. In addition, you could also be saving yourself from being pulled over and ticketed. A few extra minutes to look over your car can save you thousands of dollars, if you really think about it.

If you think you will be driving across state borders, keep in mind that driving rules might not be the same.

For example, you might not be allowed to make a right on a red light or you might not be allowed to pump your own gas at a gas station and instead, a store clerk is supposed to do this for you. Overall, drive with safety in mind, as you would anywhere, because getting ticketed, pulled over, into an accident, or arrested is a cost no one wants to worry about having to deal with, especially out-of-state.


Always There for You


There is no rule that says you cannot use the same bail bond company over and over again, even if it is to bail out the same person each time. It does look bad. It is not a good sign if one person is continually running into legal trouble. Regardless, Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bond Store will continue to look out for this person and their loved ones each time.

We believe in the right to bail. We like to believe that people make mistakes and learn from them. We hope that each time we bail a person out of jail, it will be the last time we see them. We truly want the best for each client and their family, which is why we do what we do. If you do need our bail bond services again, do not hesitate to reach out. We will be there to help you just as quickly as we were the first time.

Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bond Store can be reached online or at 866-736-6977 .


How Do You Make Payments Convenient?


You Allow the Client to Pay However He or She Likes

When you need to bail a friend or family member out of jail, you are going to need to pay quite a bit of money, even with the discount of a bail bond. You want to make sure that your money gets to the bail agent, and that paying for the bail bond is actually convenient for you. Some people prefer to make all of their large payments with a card, others prefer to pay in cash, and some prefer to use checks. When you are bailing a loved one out of jail, make sure you find a bail agent who accepts multiple payment methods, you do not want to deal with someone who will not take your money because it is in the wrong form.

A good bail agent will allow you to pay with a number of different methods, such as cash, check, credit or debit. They will also go so far as to let you pay in person, or online. After all, the goal of helping you bail out a loved one is to make things easier on you.

If you want to pay cash in person, or use your car online, you can do that. Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bond Store will let you use whichever method is most convenient for you at the time.

If you want to bail a loved one out of jail, call 866-736-6977 or click Chat With Us now.