Keep Calm And Don’t Get Yourself Arrested Too


If you’re in a situation where the police are, at that moment, arresting your friend, do not give the police any reason to arrest you too. We understand that you are angered by the situation and want to help your friend out, and you’re probably verbally arguing with the cops. But be careful as to not get yourself cuffed either. Don’t let your frustration of the escalated situation get too much for you. So here’s what you should do and how you can help your friend:

    ● Calm down and cooperate.
    ● Speak with one of the officers and find out why your friend is being arrested and where they are taking him or her.
    ● Get the officer’s name, badge number, and vehicle number.
    ● Record the time and where this event is happening.
    ● Get statements and contact information from any available witnesses and bystanders.
    ● Remind your friend not to answer any more questions from the officers until the lawyer is present. If you can, help your friend get a private lawyer.
    ● Keep your hands in plain view where the officers can see them.

Remember, the last thing you want is to get yourself arrested too. Your friend needs you – not next to them in jail, but on the other side, helping them get a lawyer, notifying family, and getting a bail bond.

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Understanding Background Checks


Whenever you apply for a job, a loan, a new home, even a gun, you’re probably going to undergo a background check. You may not give this too much thought, especially if you have a squeaky clean record, but it still might be good to know anyway, what shows up on a background check, and what doesn’t.

    ● Felonies and misdemeanor arrests and convictions appear on criminal background checks.
    ● Any convictions more than 7 years old will not appear.
    ● Any arrests and convictions as a juvenile should not show, as those lines are sealed upon turning 18.
    ● Convictions where a pardon was granted will not appear.

Having points on your criminal record should not be the deciding factor as to whether or not you get a loan or a job; plenty of people with criminal histories find great employment and homes. Don’t let your criminal background, if you have one, bring you down.

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What Does A Bail Bond Cosigner Do?


Applying for a bail bond means you need to meet a few qualifications. For one, whoever the bail bond is for needs to have actually been granted bail by the judge; sometimes the judge will deny bail, meaning that person cannot get a bail bond. Another qualification is the need for a cosigner, a person, who is not the defendant, who will assume responsibility for the defendant, making sure they go to court when he or she has court appointments. If the defendant does not go to court, the cosigner can face financial consequences.

This sounds like the cosigner is put into a very risky situation and can be completely taken advantage of, but the cosigner does have protections.

    ● The cosigner can request that the defendant takes some tests and evaluations – drug tests, psych evals – before signing the bail bond.
    ● The cosigner can remove his or her signature from the bail bond at any time they wish, if they have good reason to believe that the defendant will skip court. If this happens, the defendant will be taken back into custody.

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The Differences Between Jail And Prison


Jail and prison are technically not the same place; they’re not two terms that refer to the same institution. What are the differences?

Jails hold people for short-term periods – people who have recently been arrested but have yet to post bail, people who are waiting for trial, and convicted people who are serving short sentences (usually up to 1 year). Jails are run by local governments and police departments. Specialized services are typically offered, such as work release and programs that focus on education needs, substance abuse, and others.

Prisons hold convicted individuals who are serving long term sentences for their crimes. Prisons are operated by state and federal governments. For individuals approaching the end of their sentences, they offer work release programs and halfway houses to slowly integrate them back into the community so that they can hopefully get into some work.

In California, jails and prisons are overcrowded; that is the sad, unfortunate truth. To help accommodate space, some convicts are being released early by having certain, lesser heinous felony charges reduced to misdemeanors.

A bail bond can help keep your loved one – who has yet to sit trial – out of jail; a bail bond cannot release a convicted criminal from prison.

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Don’t Give Up, Even If Your Loved One Has


When a loved one of yours in jail, it can be very easy for them to give up on themselves. They’ve gotten themselves into a very tough situation and from behind bars, it’s hard to see any good coming in the near future. They’re angry, sad, and feel defeated. So, it’s up to you to help them through this situation.

We’re not going to lie, it will be a tiring, stressful ordeal – for them. For you, it can be as well but remember that they face the worst, so try not let them see you stress. One of the biggest ways you can support them and help them see even just a little bit of hope is by securing a bail bond for their immediate release from jail. This enables them to return home, go back to work, and spend time with family and friends who are nothing but supportive and loving. This change in environment has such a profound effect on the individual even though their legal woes still loom.

Bail bonds are certainly affordable (and much more so than direct bail) and we at Rialto Bail Bond Store can work with you on a customized payment plan that is tailored to your financial needs. Ask your bail agent about qualifying for a no down payment bail bonds.

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What Makes San Bernardino Bail Bond Store Great?


The number of reasons why San Bernardino Bail Bond Store is the California bail bond company you want on your side seeing you through your tough situation are multiple:

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    ● Additional discounts available for qualifying individuals
    ● Financing is available
    ● Agents and representatives fluent in various languages other than English San Bernardino Bail Bond Store is a top bail bond company in California. And even though there are many bail bond companies who have more years of experience, they do not hold the level of respect, reliability, and friendliness that San Bernardino Bail Bond Store does.

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The Evolution of Bail


When judges set a specific amount of money a defendant, or anyone on their behalf, must pay to the court to be released from jail, this is known as bail. This concept in the justice system has evolved over centuries and has quite the history.

Bail first began through the common laws of medieval England. The defendant would be relinquished from jail to a friend or relative (known as a surety) who would ensure the defendant appeared in court, instead of sitting in jail for many months. If the defendant failed to go to court, the surety would be punished and there was little protection and rights for the surety to prevent this compromising situation. Later on courts adopted the method of monetary bail payment to replace the concept of risking the relative or friend. The U.S. developed the current bail system as it is today, in the late 19th century, which saw incentives for bail bondsmen, protections for co-signers, and fair treatment and opportunities for the defendant.

Today, bail bonds are one of the most effective and affordable ways to getting someone out of jail – as long as the judge has granted bail.

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You CAN Afford Bail


Thinking you cannot afford bail shouldn’t be a reason to give up and accept the fate of temporary jail. Have you heard of the alternative bail solution of bail bondss? In no instance of financial situation should anyone ever give up on getting out of jail when it is an option.

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Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bond Store does not give up on anyone, so there is no reason you should give up on yourself. The company is flexible and easy to work with and can get you a free consultation so you can see for yourself just how they can help you, within your budget too. Ask your bail agent about qualifying for a no down payment bail bonds.

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Understanding Bail Bonds 101


If you’re someone who doesn’t know too much, or anything at all, about bail bonds, yet find yourself needing to pay for one, don’t be ashamed to ask any and all questions, no matter how “simple” it might sound to you. Bail bonds are a serious matter and since it is your money and your freedom (or the freedom of someone you care about), you will want to know exactly what bail bonds are. To summarize it simply: Bail bonds are an optional way for newly arrested individuals to bail (get out of) jail. A professional bail bondsman will assist and oversee the process, charging 10-15% of the full bail price of the jailed person as a fee. The jailed person doesn’t necessarily need to be the one to pay the bail bond; friends and family members may help pay for the bail bond as well, which is set up on a low monthly rate payment plan. A part of the agreement to a bail bond is that the defendant will need to show up in court whenever he or she is asked; they will also need to stay out of trouble during the time they are out. If he or she violates any terms of release, then the bail bond can be revoked, and the defendant returned to jail.

In the long run, those paying for a bail bond will lose money (10-15% of the full bail price) but in the short term view, this route of bailing out of jail is more affordable. The other option to paying for bail is going without a bail bond company, needing to pay 100% of the bail bond price up front, but being refunded that money at the end of the whole trial. Ask your bail agent about qualifying for a no down payment bail bonds.

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Around The Clock Service From San Bernardino Bail Bond Store


San Bernardino Bail Bond Store provides around the clock service. If someone needs us at the oddest hours of the day, we’re not about to let them down by making them wait until the next business day. Our priority is helping families and friends bail their loved ones out of jail as soon as possible.

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