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At Barstow Bail Bonds, our bail agents are always available to help their clients whenever they need them. As soon as you find out that a friend or family member has been arrested, talk with one of our bail agents. We will help you get your loved one out of jail quickly and easily. The talented bail agents at Barstow Bail Bonds make the bail process easier for everyone.



No one ever wakes up planning on getting arrested that day, yet thousands of people are arrested every day, and that is just in California. With our bail agents’ expert help, you can rescue your friend or family member from jail. We make bailing out a loved one a quick and easy experience for all of our clients.

At Barstow Bail Bonds, all you need to do is tell us your loved one’s name, birthday, and the county of his or her arrest. Our bail agents will be able to use that small amount of info to locate your loved one in the county jail system. Once we have found your loved one, we can finish filling out the paperwork and answer any more questions that you might have.

Once everything has been taken care, one of our bail agents will hurry over to the jail to secure your loved one’s release from jail. Bailing a loved one out of jail really is that simple, and with our professional help, your loved one can be out of jail in just a few short hours.

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Address: 631 E Rialto Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408

Phone: 866-736-6977

Barstow Bail Bonds is There For You Wherever You Are

27 years ago, the first Barstow Bail Bonds office opened in San Bernardino. Seeing the rapid rise of Californians in need of a reliable and trustworthy bail agent, the company has since dedicated its efforts to reaching people throughout the entire state. Now with multiple offices in Northern, Central, and Southern California, Barstow Bail Bonds has become a wonderful resource not only for the people who get arrested, but also for the loved ones who need help and guidance.

The company doesn’t sleep – they are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Agents are fully licensed and experienced to meet needs of all people in all types of situations. The company even has agents who speak other languages in case English is not the preferred choice. Barstow Bail Bonds makes the bail process as easy and comfortable for clients as they possibly can – these situations are messy enough as it is, so leave it to the professionals to take care of you!

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