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At Upland Bail Bonds in San Bernardino County, our bail agents are here for you whenever, and wherever in California you need them. All you need to do to get the bail bonds process started is talk to one of our spectacular bail agents either online, or over the phone.

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Upland Bail Bonds is the one and only California bail bond company you will need. It is recommended you take a little extra time to do research, and compare and contrast companies based on your needs. Eventually, you will find that Penny Bail Bonds in Upland is the best of them all. Here is a quick rundown of why this is true:

We offer the following:

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Address: 631 E Rialto Ave San Bernardino, CA 92408

Phone: 866-736-6977

Compassionate & Affordable Skilled Bail Bail Bondsmen In Upland, San Bernardino County

Our skilled bail bondsmen at Penny Bail Bonds in Upland make rescuing someone you care about from jail easy. They can walk you through the bail bonds process and answer any questions you might have regarding your loved one’s arrest and bail. Bailing a loved one out of jail is easier when you can actually afford it, and when the bail agent wants to help you.

Our professional bail agents know exactly what to do to get your friend or family member released from jail in a timely manner. You will be able to relax, knowing that a professional bail agent has your back.


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