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Tips for Preventing Christmas Tree Fires

preventing christmas tree fires

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without an evergreen tree standing tall and proud in the living room. This is why thousands upon thousands of people will be getting cut evergreen trees for their homes this year. While the trees look stunning, especially when fully decorated, they can pose a bit of a problem. Pine […]

How Secure Are Your Electronics?

how to avoid getting hacked

In today’s modern world, everyone has at least one internet capable device. Typically though, people have more than one device like this. They have laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. All of these devices are constantly connected to the internet to ensure that their user can access whatever they need whenever they want. There is all […]

Tips for Staying Safe This Black Friday

black friday shopping tips

Thanksgiving is almost here and while many people are preparing for a big family get together, others are prepping for all of the sales and deals of Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving, stores go all out and bring the holiday shopping season into full swing with insane one-day-only deals. Unfortunately the amazing deals have […]

Have a Safe Thanksgiving This Year: Don’t Drink And Drive

consequences for driving drunk

The holiday season is officially here, and many people are getting ready to have some fun at family parties. Everyone celebrates in their own special way, but many celebrations will be including alcohol. If that is the case, then a person should be prepared to get home safely that evening. Thanksgiving is all about having […]

Do You Hate DUI Checkpoints? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Do You Hate DUI Checkpoints? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Whenever a holiday that involves a lot of drinking rolls around, you can bet that there will be an increase in DUI checkpoints. With Saint Patrick’s Day right around the corner, you will definitely be seeing more of these checkpoints. Most people do not like DUI checkpoints, and for obvious reasons. Checkpoints like these slow […]

How to Recover from Identity Theft

upland bail bonds

We all only have one identity, and for most people that is enough. However, some bad people out there like to steal other people’s identities to gain access to funds they normally wouldn’t have. This is called identity theft and can be very damaging to the person whose identity was stolen. Most people learn about […]

Motorcycle Laws


Each state has different laws in regards to a lot of things, but what you may not think about is the difference in motorcycle laws. California has a different set of laws pertaining to motorcycles than others states. If you’re thinking about getting your motorcycle license (M1), you may want to look at all the […]

Getting a Safe Ride Home in 2018


It is the start of a new year, and that means new laws will be going into effect. One such law is California State Assembly Bill 711. This new law will allow alcohol manufacturers and licensed sellers to provide customers with discounted or free transportation through a taxi or other ride sharing service. The idea […]

Partying too Hard


The official countdown to the New Year hasn’t started just quite yet, but your party planning for the New Year may have. Whether you plan on staying in, or going out, plan your New Year’s celebration wisely. This is the time of year where DUI checkpoints are around every corner, so don’t drive drunk, and […]

New Year’s Resolutions


It is that time of year where people begin to form a list of promises they want to make to themselves. New Year’s Resolutions are positive and uplifting to some, while they are a joke to others. According Nielsen.com, Newswire, the top ten New Year’s Resolutions are: Stay fit and healthy Lose weight Enjoy life […]

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