Driving with a Cell Phone in California


In California, the laws about using a phone while driving were pretty limited in the past. It used to be, that the law only prohibited the using a device to read, write, or send text based communications. This failed to cover using a phone for any other purpose, which as many of us know, smart phones can do a whole lot of different distracting tasks.

However, that changed at the start of this year. At the start of 2017, California expanded the law to include the use of any and all wireless devices while driving. This new law does not specifically target one smart phone use, such as texting. Instead, this law prohibits drivers from holding and using a wireless device while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

With this new wording, all uses of smart phones are covered, not just texting. There are still some instances when using a device while driving is allowed, and they are:

  • The driver is over the age of 18 and is using a hands-free, voice operated device.
  • The driver is using a factory installed system in the vehicle.
  • The driver is turning of a GPS function on a smart phone, provided the action only takes one swipe or tap of the screen.
  • Drivers under the age of 18 are prohibited from using any devices while driving, even if they are hands free.

All of this is meant to help keep the roads safe for everyone. By updating the law to include all uses of a smart phone, drivers will have less distractions while behind the wheel of a car. Doing this can reduce the number of accidents on the road, and save thousands of lives.


No Child Left Behind


As the weather begins to warms up again here in Southern California, we would like to remind parents that convenience is not always the better option, especially when it comes to your kids. It could be the line that defines whether you are a good or bad parent!

For example, you just picked up your 5 year old from pre-school. You need to make a quick stop at the store to buy toilet paper before you go home.

You have two scenarios:

1. Bring your child into the store with you and possibly deal with their crying, screaming, running around, nonstop talking, grabbing and breaking things, etc. Imagine the most nightmarish trip to the store.

2. Leave your child in the car and you will be in and out of the store in 10 minutes. Easy peasy!

Well, unless your child is 7 years old or older, you must go with option 1 because in California, it is illegal to leave a child 6 years old or younger unattended in the car unless they are supervised by someone at least 12 years old. At the same time though, you will need to consider your child’s responsibility and maturity level, and their willingness to be left alone in the car if they are 7 years or older. It could be that your 9 year old son is too immature to be left alone in the car for 10 minutes, or he feels uncomfortable left alone in the car for that long.

Moreover, if it is a hot sunny day outside, the car gets heats up quickly. This builds a dangerous environment for anyone inside the car, especially young children.

Violators of California’s laws regarding children left alone in cars can face fines. In more serious scenarios, child endangerment charges can be brought forth, which is punishable with jail time. You may think that leaving your child alone in the car is harmless, but things can go the wrong way very quickly.


What to Expect with the New Marijuana Laws of California


As you know, California passed Prop 64 last November, making marijuana usage legal in California. However, as you might expect, the prop is not that simple to follow. There are details and complexities written within the prop and forthcoming laws. There are regulations and concerns that must be addressed.

Here is what you should know right now:

  • Anyone over the age of 21 can use, possess, and share up to one ounce of flowers or eight grams of concentrate of marijuana.
  • Anyone over the age of 21 can grow marijuana at home. What is tricky now is that a person cannot purchase a cannabis plant. Rather, they must receive it from another person who is already growing marijuana, and there must be no money transfer. In addition, no more than 6 plants may be grown at home at one time.
  • The state has until January 1, 2018 to get through all the rules and red tape so they can begin issuing licenses to marijuana businesses. Do not expect many stores to be ready to sell product until 2018 unless a customer has a medical card or license.
  • Similar to how smoking cigarettes and tobacco in public is illegal, smoking and/ or ingesting marijuana in public is illegal.
  • If a person plans on traveling outside of California, they cannot take marijuana with them and vice versa. No outside marijuana is allowed to be brought into California.
  • Being under the influence of marijuana and driving at the same time is illegal, no matter how much or how little was smoked.

The state and local and federal governments will continue to flush out the laws on marijuana use in California over the next year. There will be state-wide laws and then there will be more localized laws by county or city. It will be a slow transition until everything is ready to go.

If you are a marijuana user, the safe bet is to stay up-to-date on news and changes with the marijuana laws so you do not accidentally get into trouble.


Texting and Driving? Too Much, New Laws


Let us be real, these days, texting and driving is no longer texting and driving. It is more like social media-ing and driving, or navigating maps and driving because smart phones have come so far in just a few years. This has caused driving and cell phone laws to be expanded, starting this year.

Starting this year, cell phones must be mounted to the dash, the lower left or upper left corner of the windshield, if the driver wishes to use it while driving. With it mounted, the driver may make one single tap or swipe on the phone.

Other laws regarding cell phone use while driving still exist of course, but the new ones just expanded on them.

The goal is to reduce distracted driving and consequences of such instances like accidents and arrests.

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