Your Troubles Affect Other People Too, Not Just You

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Just like how your positive actions and achievements can have a favorable influence on people who admire you, your negative actions will affect them too, and not in ways you want to see. Your negative actions have immediate consequences of you of course, but don’t forget what consequences it can have for those who love you most.

If you’re arrested for a crime, your consequences could be so much more than fines, community service, and possible jail time. You could lose your friends and family. There goes their respect for you. Your spouse may be fed up with your antics and leave. Your child leaves with him or her, maybe not really understanding why (if they are young). If your child is old enough to understand the situation, he or she may “disown” you as their parent.

You could lose your job. And this means losing income. Which will affect your ability to afford things like insurance, your home, etc.

We hope things will never get this serious for you but it does happen to some people who regret their actions too late. Don’t allow yourself to fall into this position, or even come near it. Think about the broader scope of who will be involved in your case, and remember how much they mean to you.

Riverside Bail Bond Store can help rekindle loved ones by bailing you out of jail. This gives you the face time to start fixing what you can to avoid such a sad situation. The circumstances are stressful as enough already but if we can help keep it at that, we certainly will.

Give us a call at 866-736-6977 and we will work quickly to get you home to your loved ones and back to your job as soon as possible!

Men Vs. Women: The Difference In Alcohol Effects

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As you’re probably well aware, men and women react to alcohol differently. A woman can try to go drink-for-drink with men but ultimately, the man will most likely “outdrink” her or have a lower BAC level than she will. It’s not sexist, it’s biology.

The female body cannot process and break down alcohol as quickly as men. Women, on average, weigh less than men and thus have less water in the body too. So, for a man and a woman to both have the same number of the same drinks, the woman will feel the affects of alcohol more and have a higher BAC, and have it for a longer period.

Remember that these are the average statistics. Sure some women can probably keep up with a man, but just keep in mind that this is just how man versus women are. We hate to see people in trouble because of poor decisions stemming from alcohol but if you need a bail bond company to help you out, Riverside Bail Bond Store is available any time, any day, wherever you are.

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If The Judge Grants You Bail, Post Bail. Don’t Worry About Your Income. We’ll Help With That.

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Whether you make $500,000 per year or $50,000, if you have the have the option to post bail after getting arrested, you should do it. Right off the bat you think you can’t afford that expensive bail that the judge just set. But if you take the bail bond route, you will certainly be able to make your payments.

Paying bail with a bail bond:

  • Amount to pay (to the bail bond company): 10% of the full bail amount
  • When to pay: a set number of payments over a set amount of time. You will get out of jail before the full 10% is paid.

Paying bail on your own:

  • Amount to pay (to the court): 100% of the full bail amount
  • When to pay: immediately. You must arrange to pay the full amount before you are released from jail.

Clearly, the best choice is to use a bail bond. But you’re probably wondering then what the catch is – if bail bonds are clearly the cheaper route, why would anyone pay for bail on their own?

The answer to this question is simple: a person who pays 100% of the bail amount can get that money refunded to them as long as they show up in court and adhere to all other terms and conditions of their release. A person who uses a bail bond company cannot have that 10% fee refunded.

Nonetheless, bail bonds are more desirable, no matter how much income a person gets. Making a huge payment at one time can be challenging physically and mentally, even if the person knows they will get their money back. That’s why most people go with bail bonds.

Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service of California offers the most affordable and most competitive low-monthly payment plans. For a free consultation or to simply just learn more, please visit or call 866-736-6977.

The Best Thing You Might Ever Do Is Turn Your Friend In To The Police

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The best thing you might ever do for your best friend is to turn them in to the police. As drastic as it might sound, it could be the reason he or she really takes a look at how they are living their life and truly want to improve it. Getting arrested could be their wake up call. There is no definitive definition of the emotional, mental, and physical process one goes through in jail but just know that it is groundbreaking for that person.

Getting arrested for the first time does not guarantee that person will go to trial, found guilty, and end up serving a sentence in prison. Getting arrested for the first time means getting documented for the crime and then getting out on bail. They can go home and await their court date, when they will learn what exactly is next for them.

Turning your friend in to the police is you doing your public service to the community and your friend. Everything you tried prior to this – talking one-on-one, bringing in family and other friends for help, suggesting therapy or counseling, even loaning them money – has failed. You aren’t about to give up on your best friend, who is stubborn but clearly wants and needs help. So your last option is to get the police so your friend can get a quick look at what it’s like behind bars without loved ones around.

Your best friend will undoubtedly feel betrayed but eventually will get over it and be thankful.

Don’t disappear once you turn them in. Your next step is to help get them out of jail after being the one to put them in there. That means contacting a bail bond company like us at Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service. Our bail bonds are affordable and fast and as soon as the jail processes the paperwork, your best friend will be out in no time, hopefully with a new perspective on his or her life, and with you to thank for that.

What Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service Can Offer You

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Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service is a family-owned company that serves the entire state of California. We have offices in every county but even if you lived hours away, you don’t need to make a trip to see us in order for us to help you out. We can do everything over the phone and in case we do need a face-to-face meeting, we will send our friendly, licensed, and professional agents to you.

It is our goal to provide you with fast and courteous assistance to get your loved one out of jail. We personalize payment plans so that you and anyone else who will be financially responsible for paying the premium are comfortable with meeting the low-monthly payments. There are no hidden fees, zero interest, and zero down. It’s not your money that we are after, it’s your happiness and satisfaction with our work and your loved one’s release from jail.

We employ over 120 of the best and most experienced agents and representatives in the state of California. Whether you need us a 2 PM or 2 AM, we’re here, as we have people available for you 24/7. Feel free to chat with us online at or call toll-free at 866-736-6977.

While paperwork doesn’t take too long, it may take a few hours for the jail to process everything so please keep that in mind. Nonetheless, we would like to reduce your level of stress as much as we possibly can. We don’t expect anyone to deal with bail and jail by themselves. It’s our job so let us do it – we’ll be happy to.

Receive a free consultation with us or get started on paperwork as soon as you know you need us. Again, our website is and our number is 866-736-6977. We will speak with you soon!

When You Need To Be The Parent To Your Parent, Santa Ana Can Help

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As your father, you expect him to be the one to give you growing up advice, giving you dating tips (or scaring off every boy or girl who wants to date you), lecture you about stuff you’ve forgotten, teach you sports and how to ride a bike, give you money, and to bring you home from jail when you get arrested for something you did out of stupidity. You expect tall this and more from him because that’s the natural role of any father.

Except this is not what is happening for you.

Instead, you’re the one lecturing Dad about finally growing up and being a man, a real father, and someone you can be proud of. You’re the one taking care of him because he can’t pull his life together to do it. You’re the one who had to bail him out of jail. You’re the one child acting as the parent.

Don’t give up on Dad. If you need help with bail, call Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service at 866-736-6977. We’ll be more than happy to work with you on an affordable payment plan. We do our job because we love seeing loved ones reunited, and that can be you too. This can be the turnaround point for your father, so let’s get him out of jail!

About The 8th Amendment And Bail

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The 8th Amendment protects the people from excessive bail, yet bail still does seem excessive to pretty much everyone. $10,000, $25,000, $1 million to be released? Yes, this is pricey, but let’s look at this objectively.

The judge looks at the following factors when deciding a bail amount:

  • The likelihood the defendant will flee
  • The seriousness of the committed crime
  • The defendant’s ties to the community, such as family and employment
  • The weight of evidence against the defendant
  • The defendant’s ability to pay the bail amount

The multi-thousand price for bail is expensive, but it must still be set high so that the defendant does indeed show up in court as he or she is ordered to; this bail is refundable if they oblige to all conditions of their release.

So if you were arrested and given $50,000 bail, wouldn’t you want to get that entire sum of money back?

An alternative to paying the full bail amount is to pay for a bail bond, which you can apply for by calling Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service at 866-736-6977. To secure a bail bond, you pay the low premium to Santa Ana over a period of time. This premium is not refundable, but does save you from having to pay 90% of the bail in one big payment.

To learn more about the affordable and fast bail bonds at Santa Ana, you may visit or call 866-736-6977.

Get the Help You Need To Bail Your Friend Out Of Jail at Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service

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Do not let your friend’s summer be ruined by getting arrested. If someone you know and care about was recently arrested, give him a helping hand by bailing him out of jail. No one wants to spend time in jail, especially during the summer when he should be out having fun. However, thousands of people are arrested daily in California and not one of them planned on going to jail.

Help your friend out by using Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service to bail him out of jail. We make bailing a friend out of jail quick and easy for all of our clients. When you call, just give us your friend’s name, birthday, and the county he was arrested in and our bail agent will do the rest. You can count on our skilled bail agents to take care of you and your friend.

Our bail agents have years of knowledge and experience behind them that allows them to help our clients better than any of our competitors could. In order to keep our bail agents at their very best, we put them through yearly training. This insures that all of our clients receive the best bail bonds service in the entire state of California.

Call Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service now at 866-736-6977 to talk with one of our trained bail agents.

Our skilled bail bondsmen will guide you through the bail process and will answer any questions you might have about it. You will know what is going on at every step of the process while we work on bailing your friend out of jail. Once we have gathered all of the needed information and the initial payment has been received, we can bail your friend out.

At Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service the process of bailing your friend out of jail can take only two hours depending on the county he was arrested in. We are a statewide bail bonds agency and cover all of California. No matter where in the state your friend ran into trouble, we can help you rescue him from jail.

Get the help you need to bail your friend out of jail by calling 866-736-6977.

Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service Is Committed to Helping You and Your Loved One

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A lot of bail bonds companies try to provide their clients with great service, but just fall short. Some of these companies fall far enough that they have more complaints about them than they have years of being in business. Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service has been in business for nearly 30 years and has one of the best reputations in California.

We have been bailing Californians out of jail since 1987 and do not have any justified complaints from California’s Department of Insurance. Our bail agents take care of our clients and their families better than any other bail bonds company could. Our secret at Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service is never settling.

Every year we put our bail bondsmen through training, even if they have already had it, to continue their education. We continue to push our bail agents to be the best that they can be, and it shows. Our bail agents can get your loved ones released quickly and make the entire bail process easy for you.

Call 866-736-6977 now for a free consultation with a trained bail agent.

This constant push to learn, plus being a part of a family-owned company, helps keep our bail agents focused on what’s important; you. Being a family owned company reminds our bail agents how important family is. This means they will work harder for you than any of our competitors because our bail bondsmen understand how important your family is to you.

At Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service we strive at making bail bonds easier for our clients. We provide free consultations and are available 24/7, but our real strength is in our bail agents. They work tirelessly for our clients and make sure that your family member or friend is taken care of. You will not get that kind of commitment from any other bail bonds agency.

Our bail agents are committed to helping you, call Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service now at 866-736-6977.

Get Your Loved One Out Of Jail Quickly With Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service

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When a friend or family member has run into trouble with the law and found themselves behind bars, you will want to help them. You want your love one to be bailed out of jail yesterday. A lot of bail bonds companies claim to be the fastest but fail to deliver on those promises. Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service can actually deliver on those promises.

To be one of the fastest bail bonds companies in California, you need to have experience. Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service was founded in 1987, giving us nearly thirty years of experience in helping Californians bail loved ones out of jail. On top of that, we train all of our bail agents annually to keep them at the top of their game, which helps them do their job faster.

We have offices located all over California at Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service, with most located near local area jails or courthouses. This allows us to speed up the release of your loved one even more. Depending on the county, we can have your friend or family member released from jail in as little as two hours.

Do not wait and extend the length of the bail process even more, call 866-736-6977 now.

Unlike our competitors who will need to speak with you in person to set up the bail bond, we can get your bail started over the phone. Just give our bail agent the name of your loved one and the county that he was arrested in. That is all our bail bondsmen need to find your loved one’s information, but the more information you can give, the less time it will take to bail out your friend or family member.

Why waste your time with bail bonds companies that cannot get your loved one out of jail? Just call Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service and get your loved one out of jail in as little as two hours. Our bail agents are available 24/7 to provide their speedy services whenever you need it. Swift bail bonds help is just a phone call away.

Get your loved one out of jail quickly with Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service, call 866-736-6977 now.