Tips of on How to be Happier

Tips on How to be Happier

Tips of on How to be Happier

With a fresh start thanks to the new year you may be feeling extra happy. As the weeks drag on you may feel this happiness begin to fade. It can difficult to stay happy as you being to return to your normal routine. Have no fear, there are plenty of ways for a person to keep their happiness. Naturally, at times being happy may difficult for some, however, these tips can be helpful and easy ways for you to improve your happiness.

Entrepreneur and WebMD have several key tips:

  • Be Committed – Have goals set that will inspire you to make improvements. A goal of yours may be to drink one extra glass of water every day. If you stay committed and accomplish this goal daily, you may find yourself feeling happier. Completing your goals will be rewarding.
  • Be grateful everyday – Everyday when you decide to get out of bed is a monumental deal. Be grateful for the bed that you got to sleep in and the chance to wake up again that morning. Every time you decide to be willing to change, or help others is a good day. Be grateful for the opportunity to be helpful. Instead of being bitter about only having so much money in your bank account, be grateful you actually have money in an account.
  • Accept failures – There will be times when you, or others around you, fail. You can be prepared for this by having a backup plan. You should accept that everyone will fail at some point in their lives, as well as learn that rejection and disappointment are only temporary.
  • Travel – Exploring other cultures, and seeing different areas of the world will help you put your life and goals into perspective.
  • Don’t worry, be happy – Be like Bob Marley, and choose happiness. Don’t let the negatives thoughts and experiences drag you down a road of pettiness and bitterness. Every moment in your life you choose how to react and behave.
  • Give forgiveness – Holding grudges keeps you from focusing on what is truly important. Remember everyone fails; don’t hold on to other people’s failures. After all, you wouldn’t want others to hold on to yours. Don’t let bitterness harbor itself with in you.

Being happier is beneficial to your health as well. According to GetPT, a nutrition and fitness website, being happy helps boosts your motivations, engagement, and overall wellness. Being happy also improves your productivity in life, as well as its longevity. Lastly, being happy can lower your risk for cardiovascular diseases.

There are many reasons to be happy. At times we get smothered down with stresses of life. It could be hard at times to focus on the positives, or do some thing that will benefit our own happiness. The first step is always recognizing the problem. The second is usually doing something about it. Do something about it and take the necessary steps to be happier.

Scams Targeting Concerned Grandparents

Scams Targeting Concerned Grandparents

Scams Targeting Concerned Grandparents

Unfortunately for every single good person out there, thousands of horrible people lie in wait to take advantage of someone. A popular scam that is going around lately targets the grandparents of people who spend a lot of time on social media sites. These scammers will use the information of the people they find on Social media sites to pretend to be that person.

Once the scammer has gathered enough information, they will contact the grandparent and tell him or her that they were arrested and need bail money. They will ask that the grandparent not mention this problem to anyone else in the family, for fear of being embarrassed. If the grandparents give the caller money, the scammer will disappear with money, never to be seen again.

Luckily, this scam can be avoided by following these two tips:

  • Ask the caller a lot of questions. Ask why the person’s voice sounds different, and they may reply with their nose was broken during or before the arrest. Ask as many questions as possible to try and trip them up. They may have some of the answers, but they probably won’t have all of them.
  • Talk to the family. If they do not want the rest of the family to know, then that should raise some red flags. The best thing to do is to talk to the rest of the family. You might discover that the grandkid that “called” is actually safe at home.

Scammers prey off of their victims panic and fear, and one of the best ways to scare someone is to cut them off from the people they trust. This is why scammers never want a person to think things through, or talk to loved ones. If you are ever put into a situation where some is requesting money, but doesn’t want to give you the time to think about the situation, it is likely a scam, and should be avoided.

How to Help the Wine Country

How to Help the Wine Country

How to Help the Wine Country

California tends to catch on fire every year, except this year it caught on fire in wine country. Wine Country in California includes:

  • Napa Valley
  • Sonoma Country
  • Gold Country
  • Livermore
  • Tri-Valley
  • Lodi
  • Mendocino
  • Monterey County
  • San Luis Obispo County
  • Santa Barbra County
  • Santa Cruz County
  • Temecula Valley

Wine Country is a large part of California, and with it being burned this past year, it is greatly affecting many folk’s lives. Visit California recommends several ways folks can help Wine Country recover.

  • Plan a visit
  • Stay at the hotels
  • Drink wine, or beer
  • Donate directly

When making a donation to Wine Country, you can check out for more information. There are several charities that you can donate to including:

  • Napa Valley Community Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund
  • Redwood Credit Union North Bay Fire Relief Fund
  • United Way

Whether you donate, or go visit, you will be helping Wine Country recover from the massive fires. Helping the area by boosting the economy will also help California overall. Helping each other get on their feet is a part of the California vibe.