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California’s Opinion of Tinted Car Windows

California’s Opinion of Tinted Car Windows

Having tinted windows on your car while driving might reduce some of the glare you experience, tinted windows look cool, and they can help keep the interior of your car cooler. However, if you’re driving in California, you should know that the tinted windows you love so much are illegal. If you’re spotted by a […]

Oh Happy Spring: Go Enjoy California!

Oh Happy Spring Go Enjoy California

Spring is here, and warmer weather is around the corner for us Californians. Right now we are able to bask in the sun, smell the flowers, and wear shorts. Meanwhile the rest of the nation is suffering from post-winter weather. Luckily for us, we live in California and are past that kind of weather. We […]

Coffee or Beer? Which Would You Rather Have?

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Drinking beer can be like tasting different coffees. There’s a lot that goes into brewing beer. Just like coffee there are different flavors and levels of roast. Both beer and coffee influence your body in some way or form. Coffee sharpens the senses and sends them into overdrive. Whereas beer does the complete opposite and […]

Family Dinners are Worth It

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Having a family has its perks and drawbacks. Unfortunately, you really don’t get a choice on who your family is, which can make family gatherings a minefield at times. There may be times where you feel like you can’t say anything at a family gathering without someone getting their feelings hurt. You may even dread […]

Working Too Much?

Working Too Much

As Americans, we are a career-focused society. We want to make money so we can live life however we want. We want to have that luxurious life that we see on social media sites. We also want to do better than our parents, because we’ve seen them struggle. This leads us to work a lot. […]

Can I Get In Trouble For Not Reporting Crimes I Witnessed?

Can I Get In Trouble For Not Reporting Crimes I Witnessed

When a crime occurs and you’re around to witness it, do you have to report it to the police? Is it a moral obligation or a legal one? Most people don’t really know where the line is drawn. Sometimes no, you don’t legally have to report it, but other times, yes you do. If you […]

Let’s Address the Green Monster in the Room: What Can Cause Jealousy

Lets Address the Green monster in the Room What Can Cause Jealousy

We all have a little green monster inside us. This monster causes us to doubt others and makes us do things that we may regret later. This little creature’s name is jealousy. Jealousy doesn’t just live in romantic relationships. Jealousy can be found in all forms in relationships. You can be jealous in a friendship. […]

Mother’s Day in Mexico

Mothers Day in Mexico

Mother’s Day is always on a Sunday and this is due to the origins of this holiday being tied to Lent, a Christian tradition. The date of Easter influences when Lent and Mother’s Day are. This year, Mother’s Day follows on May 13th, which is coming up fast. However, if you’re confused about the date […]

Gifts Your Mom Will Appreciate

Gifts Your Mom Will Appreciate

Moms are special. Not just special in how they’re all unique, but special in how much they do for us. The amount of patience they have for our attitudes, problems, and mistakes, are never ending it seems. Moms are truly amazing and need to know this. They give so much of their lives to us […]

Driving Slow in the Fast Lane: Is It Legal?

Driving Slow in the Fast Lane Is It Legal

Have you ever been driving down the freeway only to get stuck behind a vehicle doing 55 in the fast lane? It can be incredibly frustrating to get slowed down by someone who can’t drive the speed limit and yet insists on being in the left lane. Unfortunately, it is a pretty common occurrence, especially […]