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Weird and Wacky Laws in Hermosa Beach

hermosa beach laws

Just about any city you visit will have at least one strange law that makes you wonder what the city officials were thinking when they passed it. California’s Hermosa Beach has several such laws. Don’t You Dare Dump Salt on the Street If you walk down the street sprinkling salt in your wake, don’t be […]

Do You Have a Nightly Routine to Keep Stuff Safe?

protecting yourself from burglars

Nobody ever wants to have to deal with their stuff being stolen or broken. After all, everyone really likes their stuff, and wants to protect it as best as they can. However, some people don’t actually do a whole lot to keep their stuff safe from thieves and crooks. Most people feel safe at home, […]

Bullying can be Conquered

how to deal with bullying

The bad guys in the movies don’t have a whole lot of fans. There are even some characters in films that everyone despises because the actors played the part so well. We don’t like the villain ruining our favorite heroes’ lives; so why do we let bullies continue to exist. Why don’t we try to […]

Children See More Than You Think. Would They Be Proud of Your Driving?

Would Your Children Be Proud of Your Driving

Children see more than most people realize. They are always watching adults in order to learn how they should behave in the world. Due to this fact, it is incredibly important for a parent to watch what they do and say while around their kids. If they aren’t they could inadvertently teach their child a […]

Why You Should Say Goodbye to Plastic for Everyone’s Benefit

You Should Say Goodbye to Plastic for Everyones Benefit

California is no stranger to going green. From windmills to solar panels, and paying $0.10 for a plastic bag at the grocery store, California is one of the leaders in going green. At times theses eco-friendly changes may be complicated at first, but they pay off. The more we work together, and come together as […]

PTSD: The Invisible Wound

PTSD The Invisible Wound

With so much tragedy in the world, it’s not surprising to know someone with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 8 out 100 people will experience PTSD at some point in their lives. Most people assume that in order to have PTSD, you must fought in a war. Contrary […]