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Oh Happy Spring: Go Enjoy California!

Oh Happy Spring Go Enjoy California

Spring is here, and warmer weather is around the corner for us Californians. Right now we are able to bask in the sun, smell the flowers, and wear shorts. Meanwhile the rest of the nation is suffering from post-winter weather. Luckily for us, we live in California and are past that kind of weather. We […]

Coffee or Beer? Which Would You Rather Have?

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Drinking beer can be like tasting different coffees. There’s a lot that goes into brewing beer. Just like coffee there are different flavors and levels of roast. Both beer and coffee influence your body in some way or form. Coffee sharpens the senses and sends them into overdrive. Whereas beer does the complete opposite and […]

Family Dinners are Worth It

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Having a family has its perks and drawbacks. Unfortunately, you really don’t get a choice on who your family is, which can make family gatherings a minefield at times. There may be times where you feel like you can’t say anything at a family gathering without someone getting their feelings hurt. You may even dread […]

Working Too Much?

Working Too Much

As Americans, we are a career-focused society. We want to make money so we can live life however we want. We want to have that luxurious life that we see on social media sites. We also want to do better than our parents, because we’ve seen them struggle. This leads us to work a lot. […]

Can You Last a Day Without Your Phone?

Can You Last a Day Without Your Phone

Life has become very dependent on the cellular phone. People can’t leave their home without it, and if they forget it at home, they feel as if they have left some important part of themselves at home. It is true to say that the cellular phone, and especially the smartphone, has turned into an extension […]

Rules on the Beaches in California

Rules on the Beaches in California

California is known for its coastline. Famous beaches line Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Big Sur are iconic to the rest of the nation. People travel from all over the world to see the golden coast. Musicians write songs about the west coast all the time. California is continuously engraved in to the books for […]

Are Minors Allowed to Have Alcohol Under the Supervision of Their Parents?

Are Minors Ever Allowed to Have Alcohol

Some parents out there who are dealing with minors and drinking tend to take a different approach to the matter. Many parents would flat out ban their children from drinking until they are of legal age to do so. However, some parents prefer to allow their underage children to drink, but only under their supervision. […]

How did we get the Easter Bunny?

How did we get the Easter Bunny

Hippity hoppity, here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping along the bunny trail. The Easter bunny comes and visits little boys and girls every spring. He hides eggs filled with treats, and brings baskets full of gifts for the kids. However, where does he come from? Where does the bunny trail that he hops along every year […]

Why are Dogs so Happy?

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When people are overly happy, you start to think something is wrong with them. Being that happy all the time is humanly impossible. However, if it’s a dog that is overly excited, that makes sense. Dogs are always overjoyed to just be anywhere with anyone. What makes them so happy? Dogs evolved from wolves. In […]