Why are Dogs so Happy?

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When people are overly happy, you start to think something is wrong with them. Being that happy all the time is humanly impossible. However, if it’s a dog that is overly excited, that makes sense. Dogs are always overjoyed to just be anywhere with anyone. What makes them so happy?

Dogs evolved from wolves. In packs, Wolves always greet one another by licking each other’s faces. It only makes sense that, as the domesticated dog becomes part of the pack, they began to greet people the same way. As long as they’re with their pack, they are happy. After all, we are their amazing pack. This often makes dogs seems overly excited.

As humans, we have the cognitive ability to think about abstract ideas. If our significant other says something Friday night that offends us, we will remember that on Tuesday night 3 weeks later when they ask us to do something they want to do. Dogs on the other do not. They are either happy or sad. There are gray areas when it comes to dogs and their emotions.

Dogs also live in the moment. They’re not worried about tomorrow, or what happened today. They’re only concern is the present. One moment they love their favorite toy, but if you start scratching their head, you become their favorite thing. A dog’s simplicity is the key to their happiness. Maybe we can learn a lesson from dogs.