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What It Means To Be a Real Best Friend


The title of Best Friend requires that the person share the best stories and memories with another. They have a lot in common, they have secrets and jokes, they almost never fight, they go everywhere together, they have a ton of fun, and when one gets in trouble, the other is right there with them […]

DUI And Bail

Driving under the influence is a serious, dangerous crime. Literally paying for the consequences can be a huge financial loss: damaged property, loss of license, medical bills for yourself or another person, lawyers, and bail. Bail alone can be several hundred to several thousand dollars for a first offense. Bail increases if it is a […]

This Is What You Need To Know About A Citizen’s Arrest

In any situation, that involves breaking the law, it is best to allow the police to get involved and let them do their duty. However, there may be times where one person absolutely cannot wait for the police to arrive. An individual who is not a government officer may arrest another person if they actively […]

Contacting Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Is The Responsible Thing To Do

You never ever thought you’d be responsible for helping bail someone you love out of jail. You’re shocked, speechless, angry, and upset. But for this moment, stop thinking about how you’re feeling and start focusing on the person who is actually sitting in jail. They approached you to get them out of jail because they […]

Where You Can Go To Get The Help You Need

Truly helpful people are hard to come by these days, especially when the kind of help you need is not the type of help most people are familiar with giving and dealing with. For instance – your cousin is arrested and put in jail. How many people can you ask for help who you1) trust, […]

Sundays Are For Football, Not Jail

Football season is finally here and we’re sure you can’t be any more excited! Tailgating, barbecuing, drinking, catching the game with friends and family, we can’t think of a better way to spend any Sunday between now and February 2016. Football games get pretty insane and fans get really passionate so we just want to […]

The Miranda Rights Are Your Rights

You probably have heard and seen on television cops say to the people they are arresting, “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you…” You probably though, have never learned about the significance of this phrase, and what it means to anyone who is arrested. Before […]

Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Doesn’t Waste Any Time

Little is worse than sitting in jail waiting and waiting and waiting to get out. Santa Ana Bail Bond Store understands this and doesn’t waste any more time in getting someone out. So if you have a loved one who is ready to post bail, contact us for immediate service. • Paperwork completed over the […]

You Get Expert Help When You Go To Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service

If you have a friend or family member who has been arrested, you do not have to worry. Professional bail agents who are on your side are just a quick phone call away. Call Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service to receive fast, confidential, and courteous bail service. Receive help from a trustworthy and reliable […]

Make Bail Bond Store Easy On Yourself by Calling Santa Ana Bail Bond Store Service

Trying to bail your loved one out of jail can be difficult, but it does not have to be. Some bail bonds companies do not care about how well they can help their clients. These companies are instead focused on trying to take as much money as they can from their clients. Companies like this […]