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California’s 2018 Minimum Wage

Californias 2018 Minimum Wage

Well, it’s the start of a new year, and for Californians that means another increase in the state’s minimum wage. This increase was brought on by Governor Brown’s signing of SB 3 back in 2016. The bill made it so that at the start of each new year, the minimum wage would increase slightly until […]

Struggling with Procrastination

Struggling with Procrastination

Anyone who has spent a stressed out night struggling to finish an important project the night before it is due knows how bad procrastination can be. They have likely experienced that situation several times throughout life and each incident is always followed by the promise to never procrastinate again. Unfortunately, the cycle typically repeats itself […]

Why Modern Generation Is Losing the True Meaning of Love

Why Modern Generation-Is Losing the True Meaning of Love

The true meaning of love has vanished in today’s society, by having virtual lives on the social media. Shakespeare wrote that “love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind”, but what if we as a generation are focusing too much on looking with the eyes, rather than our minds? We live in the […]