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Penny Bail Bonds in San Bernardino Sheds Hope Too


Having an arrest and criminal record is not the best thing to have, but it is not the worst thing either. Naturally, anyone would think getting arrested is the end of their life, but that is because they have not talked to us at Penny Bail Bonds in San Bernardino. Half of what we do […]

The Gift of Freedom and a Happy Holiday Season


In need of an unbelievable gift for a certain someone in jail this year? How about their freedom? Do not worry about the high cost of their cash bail, go the bail bond route instead, and San Bernardino Bail Bond Store can help get this gift for you. Instead of paying 100% of the cash […]

What is the Rush to Go to Jail?


Even if you are running late for your holiday engagement, it is better not to frantically rush and drive recklessly. Sure, you do not want to miss too much, but get there when you get there. It is better than getting into an accident or being pulled over! For the cops, trying to get somewhere […]