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What Things Should I Consider Before Accepting a Plea Deal?

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Plea deal bargains are arrangements that a prosecutor and defendant enter into. Either side is allowed to propose a plea bargain, but both sides must agree to the terms before it is accepted by a judge. In most cases, the prosecutor offers the defendant a significantly smaller sentence than they would receive if the case […]

Carjacking in California

Carjacking in California

Carjacking in California defers from car theft in that during the commission of the crime, either force or fear was used to take the vehicle. Instead of simply slipping into a vehicle, finding the keys, and taking it for a joyride, you wait until the car’s owner is around and force them to give you […]

When Can Police Search Without a Warrant?

When Can Police Search Without a Warrant?

The issue of when the police can and can’t conduct a search without a warrant has always been a sensitive issue. It’s also an important issue and one that should be explored with every single case that involves searches and evidence. The reason it’s so important to know when the police can and can’t search […]

Leaving Kids in Hot Cars in California

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Kids and hot cars are never a good combination. Everyone knows that, yet there is still an average of 38 children who die each year after they’re locked into a hot car. In all fairness, nearly all of these cases are an accident. The child is strapped into their car seat in the back of […]

Stay Safe While Shopping


During the holiday season, everyone spends quite a bit of time shopping. They have to find the perfect gifts for their friends and family members. Some people take to online shopping, while others flock to brick and mortar stores. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Thieves love the holiday season because more and more people […]