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You ARE Innocent Until Proven Guilty

No matter what, when you are arrested, you are still presumed innocent until proven guilty. The “proven guilty” part occurs in court (or not guilty), which happens of course, after you are arrested. Because of this, you cannot be punished by sitting in jail forever (except under extreme circumstances where the judge will not grant […]

Jail Is No Place For Someone With Anger Issues – Bail Them Out And Get Them Help

If you think someone you care about deeply has some anger issues, you may want to reach out to them or get them some therapy. Or a punching bag. We’d hate to see the early signs of anger turn into something more dangerous and aggressive. Anger – verbal or physical – can have very detrimental […]

Find Out Who Is And Isn’t Eligible For Bail

Buena Park Bail Bond Store is a California, state-wide bail bond company that serves out bail bonds to arrested people. Bail bonds are a way for these arrested people to get out of jail because they cannot afford to pay the whole bail themselves. Bail bonds are 80-90% cheaper than paying for the whole bail. […]

Keep The Dream Alive By Bailing Out Of Jail

For young adults especially, it is very important to bail out of jail because it means they can return to school. Younger adults (like college students) still have a lot of “growing up” to do – finishing school, interning and working, building a career, and eventually having a family of their own. Younger adults get […]