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This Is What You Need To Do If You’re Ever Pulled Over

If you’re ever pulled over, there some things you can and should do in order to protect your rights. These are standard procedures all citizens should do if they’re ever pulled over, whether they did something wrong or not, and even if you intend to be fully respectable and compliant with the police. ● Know […]

If You’re Arrested, Be Cooperative But Know Your Rights Too

If you are ever arrested, you want to make sure you are cooperative with the police. At the same time, you want to make sure they are not overstepping their boundaries to step on your rights. If you are arrested, ● Remain silent and calm ● Try and remember the officer’s badge number, name, and […]

Have You Ever Considered That Getting Arrested Could Be A Good Thing?

That’s a pretty outlandish thing to hear, is what we bet you’re thinking. What good can come out of my loved one getting arrested? The good will depend on the circumstance. ● Public safety – maybe the defendant was a dangerous criminal terrorizing the community, or at least unleashing a whole lot of fear ● […]

Bell Bail Bond Store Agents Can Help You More Than You Think

You may not know your Bell Bail Bond Store agent too well at first, but know that no matter what you have this team on your side. Agents at Bell Bail Bond Store are the most compassionate, understanding, and real bail agents in the industry. Why? Because we are all real people too. Some of […]

Hot Cars Are Deadly – About Kaitlyn’s Law

You must have heard the dangers of leaving young children unattended in cars on a hot day while you’re running into a store, but did you know that it’s actually illegal to do this in Santa Ana? It is a crime. This is Kaitlyn’s Law, enacted in the state in 2002 after 6-month-old Kaitlyn died […]

Change: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Change

Change may not always be a bad thing. People like routine, they like what they know and are used to. They are more often than not, scared of change. Even more so, they are scared when change happens within themselves or a friend because they become someone they are not too familiar with anymore. However, […]