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3 Tips for Choosing a California Bail Bonds Agency

3 Tips for Choosing a California Bail Bonds Agency

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to secure a bail bond for yourself or for a loved one, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when considering a bail bonds agency. Make Sure They’re Readily Available Obviously, you want the bail bonds agency you choose to be available as soon as […]

Can You Get Into Trouble for Using a Computer That Doesn’t Belong to You?

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We’ve all done it from time to time. Grabbed a friend or family member’s laptop to check our email or update our social media accounts. Most of us ask for permission first. But what if you don’t ask for permission? What happens if you simply boot up someone else’s computer and start using it. While […]

Rescuing Someone from Jail Is Easy

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Learning that a close friend has been arrested can make it feel like the world is ending, but it isn’t. Your friend is not stuck in jail. You can help get him or her out by posting bail. The thought of this is intimidating to most people, because they do not know how bail works. […]

Don’t Drown in Payments

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Picture yourself at the beach, wading in the water. The ocean only reaches your ankles at this point, and you’re comfortable. The sun is the right temperature, and the water isn’t freezing cold either. As you stand there you feel confident about allowing the water to move up your legs, so you wade further into […]

What Exactly Are Search Warrants For?

When the police want to go through your property and belongings, they will need a search warrant, which is an official document executed by a judge that gives officers the right to go through your stuff. In order to get a search warrant, the officers must have probable cause to believe criminal activity has, is, […]

Save the Drama for… San Bernardino Bail Bond Store?


There will be so much drama and gossip among friends, family members, coworkers, and other acquaintances when someone they know is arrested. There is no avoiding that. For the defendant, and those in his or her circle, all they want to do is to ignore that. All they want to do is take care of […]

When You Live Up Your Vacation A Little Too Hard


Trying to squeeze one last mini vacation in before summer ends? We do not blame you. Even if you are doing a day trip a few hours away and staying in California, that counts! However, it will not count if you, or one of your travel companions, ends up in jail. Someone probably lived up […]

Take a Stress Test and Count on San Bernardino Bail Bond Store!


Bailing your loved one out of jail seems like a huge weight of stress and anxiety at first, but with our help here at San Bernardino Bail Bond Store, you will learn and see that you have very little to stress about. For one, San Bernardino Bail Bond Store‘s bail bonds are much more affordable […]

Awkward Talks Before College Begins Again


Summer break is ending, and your children will be off to college in a few weeks. You are trying to cherish the remaining days you have with them while they are home, since once they leave, you might not see them until the holidays. Even though they are adults now, they will always be your […]