Preventing Christmas Tree Fires



Light up your holidays with Christmas lights, not fires. It’s that magical time of year where people get to decorate trees and houses. Unfortunately it’s also that time of year where accidents happen. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) on average there are 200 structure fires started by Christmas trees each year.

It is estimated that one in 32 Christmas tree fires will result in death. Tis the season to be careful.

NBC Washington suggest that you check your lights every year for any deformities, or exposed wires. Any wires that are showing can spark or overheat and cause a fire. They also recommend not over doing it with the plugs and keeping it simple on the number of extension cords you use. Over wiring may lead to a power surge or overheating.

There are also some more obvious warnings about Christmas trees, but are sometimes overlooked. For example you should not have any open flames or heat sources, especially candles, near your Christmas tree. Your tree can easily catch fire from the open flame. If your tree is dry, an open heat source will ignite it. Which is another good thing to remember, keep your tree fresh and watered.

Even though it seems unlikely for a Christmas tree to burn up, it can happen, and if it does it will happen fast. If you want to learn more about Christmas tree fires NFPA has a simple, and helpful pdf on their website.