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    24/7 service and availability anywhere in California
    ● Numerous offices throughout California
    ● Personalized, affordable, low monthly rate payment plans
    ● Cash, credit and debit, checks are accepted
    ● Easy, convenient, and secure online payment system
    ● Licensed, professional, friendly, and understanding bail bond agents
    ● Secure online chat and hotline assistance
    ● Prompt and courteous service
    ● Nearly 30 years of leading industry experience
    Discounts available for qualifying individuals
    ● Bilingual agents available for easiest and most comfortable communication
    ● Various collateral accepted

For nearly 30 years, Chino Hills Bail Bond Store has been one of the most successful bail bond companies in California. This company of dedicated agents and representatives have really met customer expectation satisfactorily. the company has grown to canvas the entire state of California, meaning anywhere you are, you can count on an Chino Hills Bail Bond Store agent to help you out, any time, any day.

Chino Hills Bail Bond Store is committed to reuniting families and friends together by finding the best, most affordable solution to bailing someone out of jail. Chino Hills Bail Bond Store does not give up on anyone; there is always a way to help each and every person.

Get ahold of Chino Hills Bail Bond Store online by instant messaging us or by calling 866-736-6977 .

Bail Bonds Work And Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bond Store Can Prove It

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Bail bonds as a way of jail release are working. What do we mean by that? We mean that by releasing a defendant from jail, with payment, we are giving the defendant some of his or her life back. They can go to work, hang with friends and family, live comfortably as possible at home. They need to show up for court and make bail bond payments, which can come from themselves or friends or family on their behalf. The defendants are well aware of the risks and consequences they face if they disobey these bail conditions. Because of that, they are more likely to obey those terms, less likely to go against them and cause more trouble.

By getting arrested, the defendant has experienced first hand everything they can lose in a heartbeat. They’ve gone to jail. They have felt the heartbreak in friends and family. They are going to do their absolute best to turn their life around and prove to their loved ones that they regret their actions that caused them to get arrested in the first place. They want to prove they are still a good person capable of change for the better.

Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bond Store wants to help these arrested individuals improve and succeed at these personal goals. We believe in the right to bail; we believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We have been in the California bail bond industry for 28 years and we have seen success story after success story after success story.

You can be the next one – contact us at 866-736-6977 . We’ll help bail you out of jail and we promise to support you the whole way.

Admitting You’ve Been Arrested

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Admitting to something so serious like getting arrested can be very hard to do but once you get it over with, you’ll find your uphill climb to be much easier.

No matter what the crime you committed was, you always know there are certain people you can talk to openly. This revelation to them likely won’t come without disappointment or anger, but it will also come with much needed support and assurance from them. From financial help to making calls for lawyers or support groups, they’ll help carry some of the load. You’ve got more than enough to focus on from here on out and wherever there is room for a loved one to help take over, let them.

Having an arrest record is a huge secret to keep throughout your lifetime. If you keep it to yourself, you will continue to stress about it even after your case has ended. You must forgive yourself for your actions and a part of accomplishing this is involving at least a close circle of inner confidants.

Arrested people are offered bail and it is definitely a good idea for the defendant to post bail. This allows them space, time, and room to evaluate the situation, handle it properly, and feel support from loved ones. Bail can be affordable with bail bonds from Victorville Bail Bonds .

Learn more by calling 866-736-6977 . Speak with someone from Victorville Bail Bond Store to get all of your questions answered right away!

People With A Criminal Past Can Always Find Work

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As we always attempt to reassure our clients, having been arrested is not “the end” for you. For many, getting arrested is simply a mishap. It will go on your record but it will not always haunt you for the rest of your life. People with a criminal past are very much capable of being granted a loan, getting a job, and getting an apartment or home.

For example, recently it was announced that the popular ridesharing service Uber has eased their screening process on their drivers who have a criminal record. According to Uber, this move of theirs is to closer align themselves with the state’s Prop 47. Prop 47, which was passed in 2014, redefines some non-violent felonies as misdemeanors (such as petty theft and forgery), giving offenders a “second chance.” As you might guess, this was met with mixed reactions from the public.

There will still be a screening process at Uber, but it won’t be as rigorous as before.

This is just one example to show that even if you do get arrested, you can still succeed in your future. You’ll have friends and family to support you, as well as your San Bernardino Bail Bond Store agent who you can rely on to help bail you out of jail as quickly as possible.

Contact San Bernardino Bail Bond Store 24/7 at 866-736-6977 – one of our kind representatives is waiting by the phone for you!

Call Penny Bail Bonds At Any Time Of The Day – We’ll Answer

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It’s so great having those few friends and family members who you can rely on and trust the most. You know they’ll answer your calls at 2 PM or 2 AM, it doesn’t matter what time it is. Whether it’s to crack some laughs or you’re in need of their immediate help and secrecy, they’ll be there to answer you and come help you if necessary.

San Bernardino Bail Bond Store is just like that – there to answer your calls any time of the day. People are arrested at all hours – it’s not like the whole police department will shut down from 8 PM to 8 AM like businesses do. No, the police work around the clock. People are arrested around the clock. San Bernardino Bail Bond Store bails people out of jail around the clock. You can rely on an agent from San Bernardino Bail Bond Store to help you get yourself or a loved one out of jail 24 hours a day.

Bringing loved ones back together is what we do here at San Bernardino Bail Bond Store. We are very passionate and hardworking, licensed bail agents who take each client and each case seriously. We want to get your loved one out of jail just as much as you do.

Learn more and contact us at or call 866-736-6977 We absolutely will not let you down!

Keep In Mind You Can Use Tax Returns For Bail

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As you’re filing your taxes for 2015, you’re probably groaning because it’s just a reminder of all the money the government takes from you. Perhaps you could have gone on a mini vacation. You could have invested it or put it into a savings account. You could have purchased a nice gift for someone. But there may be something you’re forgetting – perhaps you’re going to receive a tax refund!

Your tax refund is money you will get back from the government. With this money, now maybe you can afford that gift, catch up on bills, or even get ahead on a bail bond payment.

Talk with your Huntington Park Bail Bond Store agent and let them know they can expect another bail bond payment from you. You’ll need to wait until your refund clears 100% during the transfer to you before you can give it to your bail bond agent. But, you shouldn’t have a problem!

If you just recently found out you will need to pay for bail, keep this in mind (using your tax return).

We have learned a lot over the last 29 years and we continue to learn every day. At Huntington Park Bail Bond Store, our main priority is to make the bail process easier for all of our clients. With our professional help, your loved one can be out of jail in as little as 2 hours, depending on the county of his or her arrest.

Go to or call 866-736-6977 to get a free consultation to get an idea of how much to pay and when, and what to expect during the process. Huntington Park Bail Bond Store will not let you down!

Opportunities Are Best When Bail Is Posted

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For those who are granted bail, posting bail is an option. They have the option to pay the money to get out of jail or they can just stay in jail for the time being. Some people cannot afford to post bail.

By not posting bail, opportunities are limited. What kind of opportunities? The ability to fight your case strongly, the chance to reconnect with loved ones, the allowance of returning to work to make a little bit of income. The first two are still doable behind bars, but it is more complicated as your freedom and time to visit with others is more limited. But making an income behind bars is practically nonexistent.

Your opportunities are best when you can post bail.

We at Chino Hills Bail Bond Store believe in the right to bail and it is our mission to help anyone afford to do so. We offer bail bonds with various flexible and low monthly rate payment plans. These payment plans will definitely give you a pay break. You won’t need to pay the entire bail amount in one payment. You’ll just need to pay 10-15% of it over the course of your payment plan.

To learn more about our bail bonds, the payment plans, and in general the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us at 866-736-6977 or

How You Can Find Out If You’re Wanted By The Police

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It is absolutely possible for you to find out if there is a warrant out for your arrest without the way of the police being the one to hunt you down. You can approach San Bernardino Bail Bond Store in California and request a representative to do a free, private, and confidential search in the databases. If your name pops up, you and the San Bernardino Bail Bond Store representative can discuss possible bail bond options. Then you’ll of course need to turn yourself in to the police. You’ll stand for a bail hearing at which time the judge will decide what your bail price is. Once you are given that, you can come back to San Bernardino Bail Bond Store and finalize a bail bond payment plan.

Some people are a little surprised when they learn there is a warrant out for their arrest. Most people associate arrest warrants with criminals of major, scandalous crimes. But the police can issue an arrest warrant even for people who are neglecting to pay traffic tickets.

Get help with San Bernardino Bail Bond Store fast. Representatives and agents are available around the clock at or call 866-736-6977 We’ll help you settle your arrest and bail bond.

How Paying For Bail Can Affect Your Credit Score

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Paying for bail may impact your credit score so this is something you may want to pay attention to. Because most people cannot afford to pay for bail on their own, they will seek a bail bondsman from a bail bond company such as San Bernardino Bail Bond Store in California. By working with a bail agent, they will pay less money over a longer period of time. However, what they pay is nonrefundable (think of it as a fee to pay for hiring a bail agent).

Bail bonds can still be quite high to pay for in cash, so most people will charge it to their credit card. If the charge is enough to significantly raise your balance, your credit score may fluctuate. It may also change if you are unable to pay off the credit card immediately. As with any credit card fee, it’s always most ideal for your credit score to pay off the entire balance/ debt on time, rather than paying off a portion and leaving an outstanding balance.Applying for and taking out a loan for the bail bond may also change your credit score.If you fail to make a bail bond payment on time, the debt may go to collections, thereby negatively impacting your credit.

The most secure way, financially for you, to pay for a bail bond is to do it in cash or check if you are comfortable withdrawing and transporting that amount of money. However, please consult with your San Bernardino Bail Bond Store agent about credit and debit payments. They’ll be able to discuss the best practices for bail payments that are the most cost-friendly for you. They have you in their best interests.

Go to or call 866-736-6977 for more information.

One Family Helping Another at San Bernardino Bail Bond Store

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Since 1987 San Bernardino Bail Bond Store has been helping Californians bail those that matter most to them out of jail. We have bailed mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters out of jail over our nearly 30 years of doing business. If you have a family member or even friend who has been arrested, San Bernardino Bail Bond Store is the place for you.

Our bail agents have each taken thousands upon thousands of calls from distressed family member trying to rescue their loved ones. Our bail bondsmen have the experience and understanding to help you through this difficult time for you and your family. It is one of the many benefits of being a family-owned company, all of our bail agents are a part of one giant family.

Since San Bernardino Bail Bond Store is one giant family, and we are helping you and your family, we offer discounts on the bail bonds. If you have a family member who is willing to be a co-signer and is a member of the military or AARP, we can give you up to a 20% discount on the bail bond. Since this is family helping family, we do not charge interest on the bail bonds and we will not surprise you with hidden fees.

Call our family now at 866-736-6977 and speak with one of our trained bail bondsmen.

As a family-owned company we at San Bernardino Bail Bond Store understand how important it is for you to bail out one of your relatives. Once you call us, our bail agents will work tirelessly until the one you care about has been released from prison. We can answer any questions you might still have about Bailing someone out of jail and we will walk you through the bail bonds process.

Do not let other bail bonds agencies waste your precious time, call San Bernardino Bail Bond Store for the best bail service in California. We provide all of our clients with fast, courteous and confidential service because we want to make this tough time for your family easier. Our San Bernardino Bail Bond Store family is here for your family.

Do not wait another second, call us now at 866-736-6977 .

Get Your Friend Bailed Out Quickly by Calling San Bernardino Today at 800-793-2245

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When you need to rescue a close friend from jail, you want to use a bail bonds company that can provide you with the best bail bonds service available. San Bernardino Bail Bond Store has been helping Californians bail their loved ones out of jail since 1987. Our skilled bail bondsmen have years of knowledge and experience to help you and your friend.

We train all of our bail agents every single year to keep them at their very best. When our bail agents have this much experience we can provide you with the best bail service available in the state. We can help you get your friend bailed out of jail quickly and make the entire process easy and affordable. There is no reason to choose another bail bonds agency.

We have offices and bail bondsmen located all over California so you can receive expert help wherever you need it. On top of that, our bail agents are available all day, every day to offer their help whenever you may need it. You can rely on San Bernardino Bail Bond Store to be there for you when you need us most.

When you use San Bernardino Bail Bond Store to bail your friend out of jail, bail becomes cheaper. We offer 0% interest bail bonds and customized payment plans for all of our clients. For qualified clients we can even offer up to a 20% discount on the price of your friend’s bail. We make bail bonds cheaper for all of our clients.

When one of your friends has found himself in prison, you can both rest easy knowing San Bernardino Bail Bond Store is here to help. We make bail easier and more affordable for all of our clients, regardless of where in the state their friend was arrested. Day or night, you can count on San Bernardino Bail Bond Store bail agents to be there for you and your friend.

Professional bail bonds help is only a quick phone call away, call San Bernardino Bail Bond Store 866-736-6977 .