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In order to get a bail bond, there will need to be a cosigner. The cosigner is taking on responsibility for the defendant. By signing the bail bond paperwork, the cosigner is agreeing to financial consequences if the defendant does not show up in court: paying the remainder of the full bail amount and surrendering any collateral he or she has offered.

The risk is high for the cosigner, who would need to have a very high level of trust in the defendant to be true to his or her word and go to court.

Luckily, cosigners are also given protections. They are allowed to withdraw their name from the bail bond at any time they wish, potentially saving them from the financial loss. If they withdraw their name, the defendant will be taken back into custody. The defendant cannot be out on a bail bond without a cosigner.

Before cosigning any bail bond, a person really must evaluate 1) how much they trust the defendant and 2) if they can afford the risks. Your Irvine Bail Bond Store Agent will help provide advice throughout the process so you’re not making decisions blindly on your own.

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