Why Accept Hidden Fees?



When you purchase something, you know, from the get go, exactly how much you will be paying for that thing. You would never buy anything if you knew that the person selling it to you might surprise with an extra fee. If you wouldn’t accept that kind of treatment with regular purchases, why would you be okay with it when getting a bail bond?

There are many of our competitors out there that love to surprise their clients with hidden fees. They do this as a way to get extra money out of their clients, money that the clients did not know they would need to pay. The problem with these fess is, that once the clients learn about them, it is often too late to do anything other than pay, or else their loved one will be taken back into custody.

This is why bad bail bond companies love hidden fees so much. They hide the fees in the contract that their client signs. By signing the contract, the client has agreed to all of its terms, including the fees that are hidden within. Due to this fact, the clients are trapped. Refusing to pay the fees will result in their loved one’s bail being revoked, and the person being taken back into custody.

This is why it is important to always read contracts before signing them, and why it is best to bail someone out of jail with Penny Bail Bonds in San Bernardino. Here at Penny Bail Bonds in San Bernardino, we never surprise our clients with hidden fees. We despise the practice. We prefer to tell our clients the exact price of the bail bond, and how much they will need to pay. We never try to make more money of them.

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