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Los Angeles Bail Bond Store Will Help You Out No Matter What Hour Of The Day Or Night It Is

There’s no shortage of nightlife in this vibrant city of Los Angeles. From bars to clubs and concerts to sporting events, you’re definitely in the right city to party. When you do go out for the night, make sure you have a fully charged phone, have designated a driver or planned for a taxi, and […]

Your Relationship Might Be Illegal…

Every state has laws regarding sexual intercourse, age of consent, and statutory rape. For the record, in California, the law is that anyone 18 years or older may not engage in a sexual act with another person who is younger than 18, unless they are married. This crime is considered statutory rape, even if for […]

College Fun Isn’t Worth The Dangers Of Social Experimentation

If you think your friend in college is in danger of harming themselves or another person, we encourage you to speak up. You could save their life by getting them professional help or turning them in. Social life is a big part of college, and a lot of that also includes alcohol, drugs, sexual intercourse, […]

New California Laws for 2015 You May Not Know About

Laws change all the time and with half of 2015 already over, we bet you don’t know a lot of the new laws that came into play at the beginning of the year. There were over 900 new laws in California, including the following: • Unless it’s printed in a book, online, or at a […]

Los Angeles Bail Bond Store Is The Most Outstanding And Professional Bail Bond Company For You

What’s worse than having to deal with making bail bond payments? Working with a bail bond company and agent who is unreliable and non-communicative. Unfortunately, there are such companies and representatives who just complete the initial paperwork and then seem to ignore you for the remainder of the time you are going to court and […]