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What is insider trading and when is it illegal?

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  Insider trading is a strange thing that many people who aren’t actively involved in stock trading and investing fail to fully understand. The average person doesn’t usually have to worry about insider trading simply because they lack the knowledge needed to benefit from it. The idea behind insider trading is that someone who has […]

Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card

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Credit card fraud happens when someone uses another person’s credit card to either make unauthorized purchases or to withdraw/transfer funds. There are two main ways that credit card fraud takes place. The first method involves someone either finding or stealing another person’s credit card. Instead of turning it in, the person decides to put the […]

What is Aiding and Abetting

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Aiding and abetting in California is the act of actively encouraging someone to commit a crime. In some situations, it could be that you did something like provide a weapon, offered to give the suspect a ride, or simply made sure you pushed some key psychological buttons that resulted in a crime. Most people who […]

What To Know About Identity Theft

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Identity theft is a serious problem that shows no signs of going away. The FTC reported that identity theft increased by a staggering 45% in 2020. Javelin Strategy announced that in 2021, identity theft was responsible for the loss of approximately 56 billion dollars in the United States. With so many Californians feeling the impact […]

Red Flag Laws in the state of California

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In light of the mass shootings and hostage situations that have taken place throughout the country over the last couple of decades, California lawmakers created what is commonly called the Red Flag Law. This is an interesting law that allows certain people that including teachers and employers to seek out a court order that would […]

Understanding Weapons Charges in California

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Many of the cases that wind their way through the California court system involve weapons charges. While the Constitution gives everyone the right to bear arms, state (and some Federal) laws exist that limit what you can and can’t do with those weapons. If you fail to follow any one of those laws, you could […]

Carrying a Concealed Weapon in California

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The definition of a concealed weapon is straightforward. If you’re carrying something that’s traditionally considered a weapon in a manner so that it’s not readily available, you’re carrying a concealed weapon. In most cases, the weapon is a firearm or a knife. What you may not know is that if you’re in California, having a […]

The Difference Between Bench Warrants and Arrest Warrants

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Many people don’t realize that bench warrants and arrest warrants are two different things. While both have the same end result, you get arrested, they’re handled in two very different ways. What is an Arrest Warrant Before an arrest warrant can be issued, a judge has to sign off on the document. This happens when […]

Carjacking in The State of California

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If you think that carjacking and auto theft are the same thing, you’re not alone. While both crimes do involve taking a car without permission, carjacking is the more serious offense. The key difference between a carjacking and a plain auto theft is that when someone engages in a carjacking, they use the threat of […]

Driving Despite the Fact that a DUI Resulted in a Suspended California Driver’s License

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One of the consequences of a California DUI conviction is that you’ll lose your driving privileges. The county courthouse where you were convicted usually doesn’t waste any time when it comes to contacting the DMV and letting them know that your license has been suspended. For many of us, the loss of our driver’s license […]