Do Not Drink and Drive



Labor Day weekend is a few weeks away, and it is essentially the last official hurrah of summer. That being said, we know you are going to go all out and have a ton of fun all weekend long. We do not blame you! As always, plan your methods of transportation ahead of time if you are going to be drinking. You do not want to be behind the wheel when you have any amount of alcohol in your system. Even if you are below the legal BAC limit and you are speaking and acting soundly, it is good practice for yourself and others if you just avoid driving altogether. A DUI is no joke.

For a first time DUI, a person can face tens of thousands of dollars lost. We are talking like $40-$50,000.

This covers the cost of increased insurance rates over the next few years, having your car impounded, license renewal or reinstatement, because it will be suspended, a lawyer, and the course you will be required to take for driving and alcohol awareness. What that cost does not include are hospital fees and car or property fees if the DUI was a serious accident.

In addition to financial loss, a person also has time and sanity to lose if they get into an accident and/ or arrested for a DUI. They will have to deal with the police, bail agents, and lawyers. If another person was involved and was injured, they also need to deal with that and the family. This takes time away from work and personal time because the defendant must take on this responsibility to handle their case.

Now that you know the average cost for a first time DUI, paying for an Uber or a Lyft is much more desirable than even thinking about getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. There will certainly be more checkpoints during the holiday weekend, which you do not have to worry about since you have a sober driver. There will also be other people you do not know who do not make the wise decision like you to get a sober driver. These people put others at risk. The risk for you to be that person is not worth it, and you are smart enough to know better and to just get someone else to take you home safely after your parties.