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So What if You Have a Criminal Record?


Having a criminal record is not exactly a good thing, however, having a criminal record is not the worst thing ever. Though it may be a little weight to carry, your criminal record will not ruin your life. Have you ever considered that someone you know, whether your neighbor, coworker, or your child’s friend’s parent, […]

West Covina Bail Bond Store Makes Bailing a Loved One out of jail Quick, Like Ripping Off a Bandage

Everyone wants to get arrested like they want a poke in the eye. If one of your friends or family members has been arrested, do not make them sit behind bars, bail him or her out of jail today with West Covina Bail Bond Store. We will help you rescue your loved one from this […]

What Happens If You Are Arrested For A Crime You Committed As A Minor

In some situations, an adult (18 years or older) gets arrested for a crime he or she committed as a minor (17 years old or younger). What happens then will depend on state law, seriousness of the crime, and their current age versus their age when the crime was committed. Crime: a felony, very serious […]