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As you research for a bail bond company to help you out during this stressful time, you are, of course, going to be looking out for a company who is affordable, trustworthy, and reliable.

The standard cost for the services of a bail agent is 10% of the full bail amount of the arrested person. So if the defendant has a $5,000 dollar bail, you will need to pay 10% of that ($500) to the bail company, no matter what company it is. What will differentiate pricing between companies is the interest they charge (if any), down payments (if any) and any other hidden fees (if any).

The amount charged is often also proportional to the quality of service. Most companies who charge interest, require down payments, and have hidden fees are really just after your money more than anything. They could care less that you or a loved one is sitting in jail!

It’s important to read up on reviews of the bail bond company before committing. Carefully look at the negative comments and positive comments.


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This family-owned company has been in the industry for nearly 30 years and continues to welcomingly help clients who walk away 100% satisfied with the company’s work. The company is proud to maintain its reputation as being the best in California, with zero down bonds, no hidden fees, no interest. Clients can really tell their agent means well.

At San Bernardino Bail Bond Store, their bail agents are always available to help their clients whenever they need them. As soon as you find out that a friend or family member has been arrested, talk with one of their bail agents. They will help you get your loved one out of jail quickly and easily. San Bernardino Bail Bond Store talented bail agents make the bail process easier for everyone.


Bailing Out Of Jail On A Budget – San Bernardino Bail Bond Store

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A $50,000 bail is nearly impossible for you to pay to secure your loved one’s bail because by the time you’re able to get your hands on $50,000, the trial might already be over. Paying bail directly to court to secure release means you have to pay the entire bail upfront before they can be released.

Everyone has a budget they must work with and we at San Bernardino Bail Bond Store understand that. That’s why bail bonds exist. Bail bonds are an alternative to bail that provide the same outcome, but on a more affordable and ideal process.

A bail bond from San BernardinoBail Bond Store will be paid off on a customized payment plan that you and your San Bernardino Bail Bond Store agent work together on, based off of your financial situation. Whether you’re paying over 5 weeks or 5 months, the total of your payments will equal to only 10-15% of the original bail amount. While this 10-15% is non-refundable at the end of the case (bail paid directly to court can be 100% refunded if the defendant cooperates with his or her release terms and conditions), the overall set up of bail bonds and payments is more practical for the majority of people who are dealing with such a situation. Plus, your payments will continue to be made even after your loved one is out of jail!

Talk to your San Bernardino Bail Bond Store agent on how you can best come up with a payment plan for the bail bond you need.

Go to or call 866-736-6977 to learn more.

About Those CA Gun Laws

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There has been a lot of chatter in the last few months regarding gun control. And because the topic is gun control, there will never be any laws that will make all critics satisfied. There will always be concern, there always be backlash, there will always be debate. You probably don’t know all of the California laws on gun control, but these are some you might want to educate yourself on just to be educated and aware.

    ● You must be at least 18 years old to purchase and possess long gun.
    ● You must be at least 21 years old to purchase a handgun.
    ● You may purchase only 1 handgun per month, no more.
    ● All sellers must have a state license.
    ● Assault weapons and .50 caliber rifles are banned.
    ● All gun owners will have to clear a background check and written test during a 10 day waiting period before their purchase is final.
    ● All guns must be microstamped, meaning a specific serial number is stamped on the gun and each bullet that is shot. This makes tracing bullets easier for investigators.
    ● College campuses are 100% gun-free. This new law sits on top of an older one that made concealed weapon owners exempt. Now, even people with concealed weapons permits must oblige with this law.
    ● Concerned family members may report that a loved one is a threat to others or themselves. The police will confiscate their guns for a period of time during which they investigate and evaluate the situation and the individual.
    ● All toy guns must have clearer and more distinct markings that separate them from real guns.

Whenever someone purchases a gun, they must be willing to comply with these laws. Misuse of the gun can be fatal to multiple people and when that person is arrested, there is no guarantee that bail will be offered. If it is though, San Bernardino Bail Bond Store can provide an affordable bail bond with a personalized payment plan.

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What Exactly Does A Bail Bond Storeman Do?

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You understand the concept of bail: pay a sum of money to get out of jail during trial. But knowing that you can either pay court directly or pay a bail bondsman, you’re wondering what exactly is the purpose of a bail bondsman? No matter who you pay, you’re still getting out of jail, right? What’s the point of having this third-party middleman?

The bail bondsman is an agent for the surety company. He or she will meet with the defendant and anyone who will be signing on to the bail bond as a cosigner. Cosigners are those who are financially responsible for payments due if the defendant does not appear in court. The agent will work with these members to come up with a payment plan that is acceptable and doable for all.

Over the course of the payment plan period, the bail agent will be paid 10-15% of the full bail amount. Nothing is paid directly to court when an agent is involved. But, this 10-15% is not-refundable, unlike paying court directly with no agent involved. When no bail agent is involved, 100% of the bail is paid to court, but is fully refundable at the end of trial.

The bail agent has the power to revoke the bond at any time. If the defendant does not appear in court, it is up to the bail agent to track him or her down. The bail agent has his or her own reputation and job on the line. The bail agent may also have some fees to pay to the surety company in the case that the defendant is non-compliant with his or her release terms.

There is risk to both methods for bail – with or without the bail agent, though the risks with the bail agent are less. Get your questions about bail answered by contacting San Bernardino Bail Bond Store.

Hopefully your trial finds you “not guilty.” For bail bond information, please visit at and click CHAT WITH US NOW! or call 866-736-6977 to speak with an agent or representative today.

Your Tax Return Is Really Going To Your Loved One For Bail

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You may only be in possession of your tax return for a short period of time, but if you quickly turn it around and use it towards your next bail bond payment, you’ll reap the benefits so much more and you won’t regret not being able to use that money for other uses, especially if it means your loved one is another step closer to living out his or her bail release and keeping them out of jail.

It doesn’t matter if your tax return cannot pay an entire bail bond payment. Even if your tax return contributes to only 10% of your next bail bond payment, that’s an extra 10% you don’t have to pull from your Savings account, the same account you’ve been withdrawing from for all those other bail bond payments. Now you’ll have a little extra cash to pay for another bill, or for another textbook, or another bag of groceries.

Knowing that your bail bond payments keeps your loved one out of jail and back at home with family and at work makes paying for bail easy and worth it. Because they mean a great deal to you, the money you are spending on them is worth it. You won’t feel obligated to be paying for their bail because you truly want to help them. You believe they will get through this situation and come out a better, honest individual. This was a true minor mistake that is not their normal character. You are supporting them and once it’s all over, you are confident they’ll repay you somehow, someway.

Learn more about how you can help pay for their bail by going to to CHAT NOW! or by calling 866-736-6977 .

We Always Provide Professional Bail Help for Our Clients No Matter What Time It Might Be When They Contact Us

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San Bernardino Bail Bond Store makes bailing someone you care about out of jail quick and easy. Our highly trained bail agents know the best ways to make bailing a friend out of jail easier for our clients. We have some of the greatest bail agents in the state of California. No other bail company in the state can compare to our agents.

When you use us to bail a loved one out of jail, you can rest easy knowing your friend or family member will be home safely in no time at all. Our bail bondsmen can get your loved one out of jail in as little as 2 hours, depending on the crime and county where he or she was arrested. This way, you can get back to your normal lives quickly.

Our bail agents always treat their clients with the respect and dignity that they deserve. We have been a family-owned company since our founding back in 1987. All of our agents understand the importance of family, and they will stop at nothing to get your loved one bailed out of jail. We will not stop working for you until your friend has been rescued.

To get the bail process started right away, call 866-736-6977 or click CHAT WITH US NOW! to speak with a bail agent.

We have offices and bail agents located all across California. This way, there will always be a bail bondsman close by to offer you his or her assistance wherever you may need help. Since we have agents all over, we can bail someone out of any court or jailhouse in California. On top of that, our bail agents are available all day, every day. You can always get the help you need when you need it most.

No matter where in California you are, and no matter what time it is, you will always be able to rely on San Bernardino Bail Bond Store to be there when you need us. We will bail your loved one out and get him or her back home as soon as we can. The process will be fast and hassle free for you, as it is for all of our clients, because we will do the hard work for you.

Professional bail help is only a phone call, or mouse click, away. Call 866-736-6977 or click CHAT WITH US NOW!.

Our Bail Agents Will Take Care of You As You Bail Out Your Loved One

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If you have a friend or family member who has been recently been arrested, and you want to bail him or her out of jail, then you probably want professional bail bonds help. Most people do not know how to rescue their loved one’s from jail, and the idea of getting a bail bond intimidates them, but they have no reason to be afraid.

When you come to San Bernardino Bail Bond Store for help rescuing a loved one from jail, you get only the best help. Our agents have years of experience and training behind them to better assist all of our clients. We can walk you through the entire process of bailing a friend or family member out of jail and make it simple for you.

Our knowledgeable bail agents can answer any and all of your questions regarding the release of your friend or family member. For some questions, we will need to search through the jail database to get your loved one’s information. To do this, all we need is your loved one’s name, birthday and the county where he or she was arrested. Once we find your friend or family member in the system, we can better answer all of your questions.

For a free consultation with one of our bail agents, call 866-736-6977 or click CHAT WITH US NOW!.

Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way, you can always get ahold of one of our bail agents no matter what time of day it may be. You could need help at any moment, so you need a bail agent who can be ready to go at any time. You can count on our bail agents being there for you whenever you need them to be.

When you come to San Bernardino Bail Bond Store for bail help, you get the best in the state of California. We have offices and bail agents all over the state, so we can assist you wherever you are located. We can help you bail your friends or family members out of any jail or courthouse in the state. Our bail agents will take care of you and your loved one.

get your loved one out of jail today by calling 866-736-6977 or click CHAT WITH US NOW!.

Do Not Over Pay to Bail Your Friend out of jail, Go to San Bernardino Bail Bond Store for a Bail Agent You Can Afford

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Did someone you care about just recently get arrested? If so, you should lend him or her a hand and bail him or her out of jail. Do not let large bail prices scare you. At San Bernardino Bail Bond Store, we make bail cheaper and more affordable for all of our clients. If you do not want to break the bank when you bail your friend or family member out of jail, then you need to talk to one of our bail agents.

Unlike our competitors, who seem to only be concerned with how much money they can make off their clients, we are more concerned with our clients’ well-being. Finding out that someone you care about has been arrested, can be devastating. We are here to help our clients, not to make their situation worse.

We work with our clients to make the bail bond more affordable. If one of the co-signers is a member of the military, a member of AARP, a homeowner, or has a private attorney, then we can offer a discount. Co-signers who meet one of those requirements only have to pay 8% percent of the bail bond, not the usual 10%.

To see what we can do for you, call 866-736-6977 or click CHAT WITH US NOW!.

Another way we make bail bonds more affordable, is by offering the ability to use a payment plan. Most people do not have the kind of money it takes to bail a loved one out of jail just lying around. That is why we break up the large cost of the bail into smaller, more manageable, monthly payments that fit into our clients’ budgets.

No two cases are ever the same, so we do not expect all of our clients to be able afford paying for their loved one’s bail without help. That is why we offer payment plans and discounts for our clients. We at San Bernardino Bail Bond Store are here to help our clients and their friends or family members.

Get your loved one out of jail at an affordable price by calling 866-736-6977 or by clicking CHAT WITH US NOW!.