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Remain Calm If You Are Stopped By Police

If you are stopped by the police, it is very important that you remain calm and cooperative. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong, you don’t want to give the police any reason to grow suspicious or worse, cuff you. Keep your hands where the officer can see them. Be respectful. If you wish not […]

Are Your Practicing The Proper Court Etiquette?

How you represent yourself (dress, act, speak) in court is very important. It does affect the ease of the trial and even the outcome. So, it’s best to practice wise court etiquette: ● Dress in business attire. Remove sunglasses and hats. ● When standing, stand up straight. ● Speak only when you are asked to. […]

What You Get When You Go With Orange County Bail Bond Store

When you choose Orange County Bail Bond Store to help you, you get around the clock service, a personalize payment plan, low monthly rates, zero down, zero interest, no hidden fees, confidential and quick service, and more. But, perhaps the best thing about Orange County Bail Bond Store is the agent(s) you communicate with directly. […]

Everything You Get At Orange County Bail Bond Store

When you contact Orange County Bail Bond Store for assistant, a representative will search for all the best solutions and offerings for you to fit your situation. Bail Bond Store offers the most and the best compared to other agencies, and we’re able to help everyone who needs us. Not all bail bond companies can […]

Orange County Bail Bond Store Will Help Keep Your Relationships Alive!

It’s no secret that jail can ruin relationships between families, lovers, and friends. It’s no easy situation to get through and it’s a lengthy, tiring process. It’s a sensitive issue to work through and even though this is a crucial time for groups to come together, it doesn’t always happen without issue. To bail out […]

We Can’t Do It All – What Orange County Bail Bond Store Cannot Do For You

Boy, we sure wish we at Orange County Bail Bond Store can do it all for you, but unfortunately we can’t. We can get you out of jail with a bail bond, and be with you each step of the way for that process, but here are some things that we cannot do for you: […]