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You Just Might Be The Role Model To Someone Who Is Older Than You

Who says role models have to be people who are older than you are? Age doesn’t matter. It’s the qualities and characteristics of the role model that matters. Some younger people might be very mature and wise for their age. Some older people may have continuous mess-ups. What being a good role model means, is […]

A Letter To Every Person Turning 18

This is for everyone for when they turn 18. Turning 18 is great. Somewhere in history, turning 18 became the point of graduating into adulthood. You graduate high school and go to college. You officially don’t need your parent’s consent or permission for various things. You can buy cigarettes. However, turning 18 doesn’t come without […]

Montebello Bail Bond Store Has The Best Agents To Help You

You can always expect a friendly, unintimidating and non-judgmental agent at Montebello Bail Bond Store. Family values a core part of our company, which is why we only have agents who are welcoming, friendly, and helpful. We don’t have room in our company for any employee who does not look forward to the job and […]

Agents At Montebello Bail Bond Store Are Always Available To Help

Understandably, it’s probably hard for many people to understand why we do what we do – bail people out of jail. “What purpose do you get out of getting someone out of jail?” Well, we’ll tell you. Being a bail bond agent is more than filing forms to get a person out of jail. As […]

Montebello Bail Bond Store Is Ahead Of The Industry

You’d think that companies who have been in business for a very long time will know how best to treat their clients and meet their expectations and goals, huh? Well, sometimes, that’s not always true. Some companies are “out-of-date” and not up to speed with current trends, technology, and the very fact that time is […]