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You Want To Know About California’s New Traffic Amnesty Program

California drivers, there’s a new program that can help you pay off outstanding tickets and still be in possession of your license. The program is identified as the California Vehicle Code 42008.8 and is a traffic ticket amnesty program. By enrolling in this program, California drivers can have their license reinstated. They sign up for […]

How Bail Really Works

Most people’s understanding of how bail works in real life is what they watch on television, which is a very condensed version. Most people don’t read too much into the specifics and what is not shown on television because it’s not relevant to their life. They don’t need to know about bail because they will […]

LAPD Begins Using Body Cameras

More and more police groups are starting to use body-cameras, and the LAPD is the latest to join in. There has been an increase in scrutiny against the police and a decrease in trust in the men and women who are supposed to protect the people. The public has protested endlessly for justice and equality […]