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Count On Penny Bail Bonds to Be There For You

When someone you care about gets arrested, naturally you want to bail him or her out of jail as quickly as you can. At Penny Bail Bonds, our bail agents will start working with you the minute you talk to them. With Penny Bail Bonds, you get the help you need, the moment you need […]

The Cost Of An Arrest Is More Than A Fine And/ Or Jail Time

Anyone who is ever arrested for something always underestimates the costs and consequences they face. They anticipate possible fines and jail time but they may not consider bail money, attorney fees, medical expenses, and potential lawsuits filed by another party, like a victim’s family. Other expenses the defendant may have to pay for include getting […]

Penny Bail Bonds Will Bring Your Whole Family Together For The Holidays

This time of year is harder for families than other times of the year when there is legal drama keeping members apart and at spats. But at the same time, this is the time of year that brings them closer, once they get over the initial issue(s). And with the help of Penny Bail Bonds, […]

Helpful Ways To Save And Recoup Money For Bail

Paying for a bail bond means meeting monthly payments. While easier and more affordable than the straight bail option, some people might still be stretched thin on money. Here are some helpful ways to save and recoup money for bail: ● Move bank accounts to gain the most benefits and highest interest ● Buy essentials […]

Do Not Get Behind The Wheel!

Come New Years Eve and New Years Day, there will two things: 1) a lot of alcohol and 2) a lot of police. The alcohol provides the fun and the police provide the assurance of safety. In addition, for a number of people, they’ll play the role of “the party pooper.” There are more arrests […]

The Rich And Famous Use Bail Bond Store Too

Just because someone is rich and famous (or just rich) doesn’t mean they always get special treatment. Just like every other citizen, celebrities don’t get away with crimes because of their social status. This still need to pay their financial dues and maybe even be jailed. You’d be surprised to learn just how many celebrities […]

Penny Bail Bonds Does Not Deny Anyone

Unlike other bail bond companies, Penny Bail Bonds will not deny someone a bail bond because they cannot make payments. We are able to work around all sorts of personal situations, finding a way to work with anyone who needs a bail bond. For us, it’s not about swindling money out of desperate clients. We […]

Embarrassed To Need A Bail Bond? Don’t Be

We mean it when we say you should never be embarrassed to need a bail bond. For one, our team at Penny Bail Bonds is not about judging what you or your loved one has done. And two, this is a way to show others that you’re taking this “second chance” seriously. You could easily […]

Penny Bail Bonds Will Help You More Than Once

Once you get a bail bond once, there’s no rule that says you cannot come to Penny Bail Bonds for a second time, or more. Our criteria for bail bond qualification does not include if you’ve gotten a bail bond before, and how many times you’ve needed one. Our duty is to bail people out […]

Your Happiness Matters Most To Penny Bail Bonds

Penny Bail Bonds is a reliable name in California. Regarded as one of the best performing and most affordable bail bond companies in the state, Penny Bail Bonds promises to give every client all their effort into getting a loved one out of jail quickly. Penny Bail Bonds has been in the bail industry for […]