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The Rich And Famous Use Bail Bond Store Too

Just because someone is rich and famous (or just rich) doesn’t mean they always get special treatment. Just like every other citizen, celebrities don’t get away with crimes because of their social status. This still need to pay their financial dues and maybe even be jailed. You’d be surprised to learn just how many celebrities […]

Penny Bail Bonds Does Not Deny Anyone

Unlike other bail bond companies, Penny Bail Bonds will not deny someone a bail bond because they cannot make payments. We are able to work around all sorts of personal situations, finding a way to work with anyone who needs a bail bond. For us, it’s not about swindling money out of desperate clients. We […]

Embarrassed To Need A Bail Bond? Don’t Be

We mean it when we say you should never be embarrassed to need a bail bond. For one, our team at Penny Bail Bonds is not about judging what you or your loved one has done. And two, this is a way to show others that you’re taking this “second chance” seriously. You could easily […]

Penny Bail Bonds Will Help You More Than Once

Once you get a bail bond once, there’s no rule that says you cannot come to Penny Bail Bonds for a second time, or more. Our criteria for bail bond qualification does not include if you’ve gotten a bail bond before, and how many times you’ve needed one. Our duty is to bail people out […]

Your Happiness Matters Most To Penny Bail Bonds

Penny Bail Bonds is a reliable name in California. Regarded as one of the best performing and most affordable bail bond companies in the state, Penny Bail Bonds promises to give every client all their effort into getting a loved one out of jail quickly. Penny Bail Bonds has been in the bail industry for […]

Penny Bail Bonds – The Well-Rounded Bail Bond Company You Need

Finding a trustworthy, affordable, reliable, and genuinely caring bail bondsman isn’t the easiest thing. For one, your trust may be a little shot now considering you have to get a bail bond for someone who you trusted to never get into such trouble. Who can help take care of this situation with you? Enter: Penny […]

Penny Bail Bonds Agents Are At The Top Of The Industry

Every year, the agents and representatives of Penny Bail Bonds attend annual training classes. This is mandatory for all agents, both new and seasoned. The purpose of regular, mandatory training, is to keep our agents at the top of their game and at the top of the industry. Classes and lessons include information about crime […]

Penny Bail Bonds’ New Year’s Resolutions

Our team at Penny Bail Bonds have created New Years resolutions for ourselves that we want to share with you. 1. Work with integrity and honesty. These have always been two core values of ours. We will not stray from this. 2. Bail people out of jail quickly and confidentially. This is a private matter […]

The Best Thing About Penny Bail Bonds – You Decide

Trying to figure out what the best part about Penny Bail Bonds is (compared to other companies) can be challenging. Is it the low monthly rate personalized payment plans? Penny Bail Bonds finds a way to work with anyone and everyone who needs a bail bond, no matter the financial situation. Is it the 24/7/365 […]

No Charges After 48 Hours? You’re Free To Go

So you know, a person can only be detained up to 48 hours in California without having any charges filed against them. If an officer takes you in, they may hold you for two days. But if in those two days, no charges are filed, you have the right to return home. The police legally […]