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New Year, New Goals For You

With every new year comes a new set of personal goals. For 2016, what do you think about being an improved role model for those who you spend the most time with? Closest friends and family feed off of who you are. If you’re goofy, they’re goofy. If you’re studious, they’re studious. If you’re a […]

Help A Loved One See New Perspective By Bailing Them Out

2016 is on the horizon and everyone has big dreams and goals for the new year. Whether 2015 was an all-around good year or not, 2016 will be different and better, for everyone, including any loved ones in big trouble during this time. Even a person in jail should have the opportunity to celebrate a […]

What Shows Up On A Background Check

As you know, you are subject to background checks every now and then, like when you’re applying for a new job or a new apartment. Have you ever wondered what the searchers can see when they do a background check on you? ● Driving records ● Credit report ● Arrests ● Warrants ● Jail time […]

Alhambra Bail Bond Agents Are Leaders In The Industry

Many agents at Alhambra Bail Bond Store are long-term employees who have been with us since the start of our company 27 years ago. They have become leaders not only in our company, but in the entire bail bond industry, due to their dedication, excellent work, and top notch customer care. We have had many […]

Let’s Work Together To Bail Out Your Friend In Time For Labor Day Weekend

Get the whole crew together for Labor Day Weekend! Don’t make your friend sit in jail while the rest of you are out beaching, barbecuing, and boozing. You know the weekend will be ten times more fun if everyone was there. If your friend is having trouble posting bail by him or herself, why not […]

It’s Not A Happy Birthday If It’s Spent In Jail

You’re out celebrating your birthday like you always do – food and drinks with the best company. And it being your birthday and all, you probably are drinking more than your friends are. That’s fine and all, but don’t you dare drive yourself home. What if you get pulled over? What if you get into […]