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Bail bond services, it is in our name. Apple Valley Bail Bonds has another helpful service that you may not know about, and that is conducting free, anonymous warrant searches. If you have reason to believe that you, or a loved one, may be wanted by the police, you can ask Apple Valley Bail Bonds to check for you. This search in the database is at no cost to you and your identity will be protected.

If it just so happens that there is a warrant for your arrest, then we can move on to discuss the bail bond services we offer. We can discuss your options but we cannot, always negotiate rates just yet because the premium you pay is based on the bail the judge will determine at your arraignment hearing.

You can rely on Apple Valley Bail Bonds to help you out. Once you turn yourself in and learn your bail amount, Apple Valley Bail Bonds will be right there for you.

We can be reached online and at 866-736-6977.