11 Santa Ana Police Officers honored for Anti-DUI efforts

Mother’s Against Drunk Driving is honoring 11 Santa Ana Police officers for their efforts to arrest people who were suspected of driving under the influence last year.  Senior victim advocate Vicky Maciha announced the names of the 11 Santa Ana officers with their 2011 DUI arrest counts, at a recent Santa Ana City counsel meeting.  Cpl. John Crews, had 105 DUI arrests ; Officer Weston Hadley, made 101 DUI arrests; John Kachirisky, arrested 76 people on suspicion of driving under the influence; Cpl. Mark Bell arrested 75 DUI suspects; Cpl. Brett Nelson, 40 DUI arrests; Dan Carrillo, 39 arrests ; Sgt. Matt Craig, 35; Cpl. Matt Wharton, 33; Cpl. Jimmy Correal, 27; Wendy Beatley, 26; and  James Berwanger, also brought in 26 DUI suspects.  Officers who made 25-99 arrests were given the Deuce award while officers with over 100 arrests were given the Century award.  For DUI bail bond information in Orange County call Penny Bail Bonds anytime at 1-866-736-6977