We’re Scratching Our Heads At These Looney California Laws

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Amid all our serious talk about California laws and bail and jail, we think it’s nice to throw in some read that is purely entertaining – or at least we hope you see it that way instead of actually considering committing some of these to see what will happen… Because hey you never know, while wacky they’re still technically laws that you can technically get in trouble for.
● Wearing a sweatshirt inside out in Half-Moon Bay is considered a threatening misdemeanor
● Peeling an orange in a hotel room is illegal in all of California.
● Frying gravy is outlawed in Redwood City.
● It is illegal to try and stop a child from jumping over a puddle of wáter.
● Only licensed hunters may set mousetraps.
● Even if a hotel has cockroaches, it is illegal to complain about this through mail.
● If a canary is lost in Berkeley, you have to wait until after 7 AM to chirp and whistle for it.
● Ice cream may not be consumed while standing on the sidewalks of Carmel.
● No one may own or sell silly string in Lodi.

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