A lot of people out there think that once the bond is posted, their loved one is free to go that very instant. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes, the release process can take several hours, and it all depends on where the person is being held.

Different jails operate differently. Some are larger, and therefore deal with a lot of inmates and paperwork. Others jails are better staffed and have better funding, which can help them process paperwork faster. All of this factors into how quickly a jail can process the release of an inmate.

Jails like Men’s Central in Los Angeles, and West Valley Detention Center in rialto are larger facilities that house hundreds of inmates. They take longer to process someone’s release compared to small, local stations.

The process of securing your loved one’s bail can be quick and easy at Penny Bail Bonds in Rialto. We will help you get the bail bond setup and ready to go in just a view short hours. Unfortunately, once the bail bond is delivered to the jail, we can no longer control how quickly the matter is taken care of. From that point on, we have to wait for the jail to process the paperwork and release your friend or family member.

If you want to ensure a speedier release for your loved one, then you need to act quickly after he or she has been arrested. You want to bail your friend or family member out of jail before he or she is transferred to a larger facility. When your loved one is at a small local facility, he or she can be released from jail in as little as 45 minutes after we’ve given the jail the bail bond. This is a much shorter wait time then if your loved one were being held at a larger facility. Some of those bigger locations can take 12 hours to process the release inmate of an inmate.

If it is your goal to get your loved one out of jail quickly, then you need to spring into action the moment you find out about his or her arrest. On top of that, you will also need to enlist of the amazing bail agents here at Penny Bail Bonds in Rialto. With your help, we can get the bail bond paperwork finished and sent to the jail in as little as 2 hours. From there, the jail will process the paperwork and your loved one will be released from jail.

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