O.C. Sheriff denies rumors of jail in Yorba Linda

According to Eugene Fields with The Orange County Register Orange County Sheriff  Sandra Hutchens  denies rumors that her department plans on building a jail in Yorba Linda.  “That was never ever, ever, ever in the plan and it will not be in the plan,” Hutchens said in an interview. “I’m not sure how that got started, and it is absolutely false. We don’t have a jail in any of our contract cities.”  According to Councilman John Anderson, the rumor was started by a former councilwoman, Jan Horton.  Individuals arrested in Yorba Linda will be taken to The Orange County Jail in Santa Ana to be booked and housed. Once they have completed the booking process they can post a bail bond or wait to be arraigned.  Hutchens said overcrowding at Theo Lacy Jail or the James A. Musick facility is not a concern and even if it were, the Sheriff’s Department would not build a jail in a contract city.  “We have in the plans a 512-bed addition at the Musick facility,” she said. “We don’t go into a city and say, ‘We’re going to build a jail because we need more space.’ ”  For information regarding Yorba Linda bail bonds call Penny Bail Bonds ANYTIME 1-866-736-6977 a professional, licensed bail agent will answer all your questions with NO obligations.