Not Everything You Hear About Bail And Bail Bond Store Is True

Huntington Park Bail Bond

You don’t expect to have to pay for bail one day, so at Huntington Park Bail Bond Store don’t expect you to know all the details about bail and bail bonds. But now that you have come to us for help, we will make sure you know exactly what to expect and what is going to happen during the bail and bail bond process. We are thorough and fast and we will walk you through each step. And we begin by clarifying common bail bond myths.

• A bail agent has the ability to reduce the bail amount. FALSE. Only the judge can lower a bail price. (The judge can also increase or revoke bail.)
• The fee (called the premium) paid to Huntington Park Bail Bond Store (or any bail bond company) is refundable as long as the defendant goes to court. FALSE. This fee for our bail bond services is non-refundable. However this fee is only 10% of the full bail amount. If you were to pay 100% of the bail to the court directly without going through a bail bond company, than that 100% can be refunded as long as the defendant goes to court.
• Cash is the only form of payment for a bail bond. FALSE. We accept checks, all major debit and credit cards, and collateral. Our bail bonds are meant to be convenient.
• You, the person paying the bail bond, will need to come into one of our offices to fill out paperwork, and then also bring it to the jail. FALSE. We can complete paperwork electronically. And if we need a face-to-face meeting, we will send our agents to you. Afterwards, it will be our agents who get the paperwork to the jail.

Take a breather and relax a little. Huntington Park Bail Bond Store aims to make paying for bail easier, affordable, and convenient. You are enduring enough stress as it is just learning that your loved one is in jail. We’ll take care of the grunt work for the bail bond.

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