New Jail ATM’s in Orange County Jails

According to Josh Dulaney with the OC Weekly, Continental Prison Systems ( doing business as EZ Card and Kiosk ) has installed ATM kiosk machines in county jails throughout the state.  This agreement was funded through Proposition 172  and allows people to place money on an inmate’s books.  These machines also allow them to post bail to remote locations using online access, telephone access, or through kiosks located inside the county jails.  This new system allows debit cards to be used to accept and process bail transactions and to distribute funds to released inmates.  The agreement between the jails and Continental Prison Systems is for two years and can be renewed for three additional one-year periods.  The Orange County Sheriff’s Department invested $3,000 to modify the county jails for the kiosk installations.  According to the Sheriff’s Department, all services will be provided at no additional cost to the county.  According to the department, this new system will streamline the fund-transfer process by cutting down the amount of cash-handling required once an inmate has been released. For information regarding Orange County Bail Bond Store please call Penny Bail Bonds ANYTIME at                      1-866-736-6977 or visit us at