Knowing Your Rights When You Are Arrested Will Benefit You

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Do your best to remain poised and confident (yet still compliant) with authorities if you are ever detained or arrested. Knowing your rights will definitely benefit you here.
● You have the right to remain silent. You must clearly state this if you wish to exercise this right.
● You have the right to an attorney.
● You have the right to know and understand the charges made against you.
● You have the right to leave if no charges are filed against you within 48 hours of your arrest. This time limit is for California. Other states are 72 hours.
● You have the right to deny police and investigators to search yourself, belongs, and property if there is no warrant
You have constitutional rights, regardless of your citizenship status.

You also have the right to bail, which you can meet with a bail bond. Bail is very expensive and most people cannot afford to pay their bail on their own. That’s why most people prefer to post bail with a bail bond from Eagle Rock Bail Bond Store. Contact or call 866-736-6977
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