How using bail bonds benefits the public

Orange County Bail Bond Store

Most people know two things about bail: 1) it’s costly, and 2) it just keeps people out of jail until their court hearing. However, what most people don’t know are all the hidden benefits of saving money and impacting safety for the public:

  • Pre-trial jail populations are reduced at no expense to taxpayers.
  • Defendants out on bail are almost 30% less likely to skip their court dates.
  • Bail recovers over 30,000 fugitives every year, saving taxpayers millions.
  • Public safety is enhanced. Defendants out on bail are closely monitored with physical check-ins, court reminders, etc. This is at no cost to taxpayers.
  • Commercial bail employs people, who in turn spend their earnings supporting local economies.
  • Whenever bond is posted, it results in premium taxes that the state and county pay, not the public. This creates revenue in a struggling economy.

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